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May 2017

An article in the NY Times recently focused on the health benefits gained by having a positive outlook on life. Recent neuroscience test results show that people with a sunny attitude recover more quickly from setbacks and trauma. The brain seems to be “plastic” or capable of generating new cells and pathways and it is possible to train the circuitry in the brain to promote positive responses. That is, a person can learn to be more positive by practicing certain skills such as: 1) doing good things for other people, 2) appreciating the world around you, 3) developing and bolstering relationships,  4) establishing goals that can be accomplished, 5) learning something new, 6) accepting yourself, flaws and all and practicing mindfulness and resilience. By practicing positive skills, the article said, a person can become a happier and healthier person.

It seems to me that this article gives credence to what Christians have always
known to be true. Christ taught us to “love God with all our heart and love our
neighbor as ourself”. He showed love and acceptance of all people, but also told us that we could become new beings with abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven by believing in Him. He promised that He would always be with us and never forsake us. He created a community, the church, to demonstrate His love and mercy to the world.

I know that everyone feels down or stressed at times and may need
psychotherapy or medication to help overcome obstacles. The church is
here to help with the challenges of life. Hope abounds! The Lord of life and
light loves us as we are and can lead us to find joy in everyday living if we
let Him. We are Easter people who have a lot to celebrate now and in the days ahead! That is definitely reason to smile.

Fondly, Rev. Ann