"Showing His love.  Sharing His grace." 


Sunday Worship

10:30 AM

In case of inclement weather on any Sunday, call the Church at 610-388-6164. 

A message canceling any activities will be posted there by 8 AM.  Always choose to be safe in bad weather!

Sunday, April 22 :

Scripture: Acts 3: 1-16  

This Sunday we will explore the story from Acts 3:1-16.  Emboldened with resurrection joy and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter and John went into the streets of Jerusalem to share the Good News of Jesus.  I wonder how many of you remember the Sunday School song, "Silver and Gold Have I None."  We will reflect upon how we are taking the Good News into the streets of our town today.

Our hymns will be "Alleluia, Sing to Jesus", "Look, Ye Saints! The Sight is Glorious" and contemporary hymn, "How Deep the Father's Love for Us".  Our choir's anthem will be "Feed My Lambs".  


  • This Sunday is the deadline for the May edition of the Harvester.  Please send everything to Jim Swasey by 12 pm. 
  • The Ladies Tea is fast approaching!  We hope you will be able to join us (and bring a friend!) on Saturday, May 12 at 12 pm.  Whether or not you are able to attend, you can still contribute to the event by "adopting a table" to decorate.  Bethany has table cloths, china and teacups at your disposal, but you are more than welcome to bring your own items to add to your table creation.  We will decorate our tables after church on Sunday, May 6.  Most of all, have fun!  Please email deacons@bethanychurchpa.org , evangelism@bethanychurchpa.org or sign up in the Narthex.