The story so far

Super condensed and omitting the daily embarrassments, failures and arguments about who made us late.  Here we go:

We were small

We loved playing with our younger sisters, Sarah and Shabati

Then a whole bunch of stuff happened (skip, skip, skip)...

Then we met!  And that was great.  We're both very indecisive and have a hard time picking our favourite anythings, but we knew early on that we were each other's favourite.

Then after a few years of adventures, Raza proposed to Beth in Big Sur, California on Pfieffer Beach:


This was our Nikkah:



We returned to Pfieffer Beach to say 'I do'

We went to City Hall, got a few things together, ate a LOT of burgers, and hit the road (the side of which doubled up as our nuptial changing room):

Our tiny, tiny ceremony was amongst the big, big Redwoods. We shared our vows with each other, then headed to the beach to say goodbye to the sun: