Meet the stars

Some of our dearest friends and family will be sharing some words with you on the night.  Let's meet them!

This is Carlos:

He's flying in from Brooklyn, New York, where he's hosted Beth and Raza many times and shown them the best of NYC. He's also got Beth and Raza kicked out of many restaurants due to the volume of his voice.  That and his charm, charisma and the fact he's never met anyone who didn't love him mean that he's perfect to host the evening - he's the MC!

This is Shri:
He's the son that every mother never had. Including those who have a son.  He'll instantly endear himself to you, just as he did to Raza 17 years ago in the halls of Westminster City*.  (*Not Westminster). 

This is Louise:

Beth and Louise go back to Berkeley when Beth the country bumpkin arrived at 19, so there's not much Louise doesn't know about her.  She's one of the happiest people Beth knows, which is one of many things that makes her pretty impressive.  Beth's been looking up to her for over a decade and devastated about her imminent move back to the States.

This is Toufique. We all call him Tonu:
A bestie since they were yout's.  Tonu thinks he's Tony Soprano. Raza thinks he's more Bobby Bacala. All-round ball-breaker.

This is Tanveer. We all call him Ton:
Long-time friend. Never let Raza be part of his band. Frequently unplugged Raza's amp when he tried to play along at rehearsals.

This is Ricardo.  We call him a lot of things:
Our matchmaker, and the front wheel steering the way on our tricycle since the day we met (the three of us went on a date. Awkward.) Also Beth's former housemate. Nomadic conquistador.   

Mostly, we hope you get to know our dear Mums and Sisters - they are the best you could hope for!

Katie & Sarah                                                                                                          Nazrin (Aunty) and Shabati