Core Values of
the Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus organization embraces four virtues - Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Every member is given the opportunity to learn about the importance of each virtue by earning the following degrees: First Degree (Charity), Second Degree (Unity), Third Degree (Fraternity), and Fourth Degree (Patriotism).  Virtually every program offered by the K of C is associated with the pursuit of these values.  The final step in earning each degree involves participation in a formal ceremony.  Click here for a schedule of these events that are scheduled periodically at various locations throughout the area for the Springfield diocese. 
Fourth Degree
Assembly &

In addition to being members of the local council, those who have earned the Fourth Degree also belong to an assembly consisting of individuals from several councils.  These assemblies have a unique role within the K of C.  One obvious difference is the eligibility to wear the full regalia and join an assembly's Color Corp.  Fourth Degree members are usually quite active in their local council, but they also participate in many activities unique to the assembly. Clicking on the link to the left or or the Fourth Degree button on the menu above will provide you with additional information.  

Columbian Squires Columbian Squires is an organization for young Catholic men between the ages of 10 and 18.  A Squires circle has been created by this council to assist with the development of the youth of the Our Lady Queen of Peace Church. Click on the link to the left or on the Columbian Squires button on the menu above for more details.

Hall of Fame
The Springfield Diocesan Chapter honors Brother Knights who have been recognized for their outstanding service to the Knights of Columbus through efforts on behalf of their council, church, family and community.  The Bethalto Council has been blessed with several honorees.  Click here or on the link to the left to see the names of these past and present members.

Current Bethalto  Council Officers

Duties of Office                                                                     

Grand Knight
Troy Lively

The Grand Knight is responsible for the welfare of the council. He presides over council meetings, acts as an ex-officio member of all committees, appoints a membership and programming director, convenes officers for a monthly meeting, and ensures all necessary reports are submitted to the state and Supreme Council. He should also be aware of the council's financial status and ensure that his signature appears on all checks drawn. The Grand Knight is a member of the Advisory Board with general supervision of the council's Columbian Squire circle.

Fr. Tom Liebler

The Chaplain is the spiritual advisor of the council. He is expected to make a report at council meetings on religious matters. The Grand Knight appoints a priest in accordance with any rules established by the bishop of the diocese to serve as council chaplain. 

Grand Knight

Ryan Frazier

The Deputy Grand Knight is second in command. He assists the Grand Knight with council affairs and fulfills all duties assigned to him by the Grand Knight. Should the Grand Knight be absent from a council meeting, the Deputy Grand Knight will preside. He is chairman of the council's retention committee and also a member of the Advisory Board charged with overseeing the council's sponsored Columbian Squires circle. 

John Richter

The Chancellor has a variety of responsibilities. Primarily, he assists the Grand Knight and the Deputy Grand Knight in the execution of their duties and oversees the council in both their absences. He is charged with strengthening the members' interests in council activities. The Chancellor is chairman of the admission committee and a member of the Columbian Squires circle ceremonial team. 

Matt Meyer

The Recorder is similar to a court reporter or a secretary. He is responsible for maintaining a true record of all actions of the council and it's correspondence. A Recorder's Minute Book (#1403) is available from the Knights of Columbus Supply Department for keeping a record of council meetings. 


Gerry Mattix-Wand

The Financial Secretary is appointed by the Supreme Knight, upon recommendation of the council. His main area of responsibilities is maintaining all financial and membership records. He collects and receives all moneys from all sources, including annual dues from council members. He also handles supply orders for the council officers and members, filing the Report of Officer (#185), and submitting all membership transactions to the Supreme Council. 

Leo Mushill

The Treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping and maintaining records of all council funds and accounts. He is responsible for depositing money into the council's accounts and provides a certificate of such monies to the Grand Knight. He is also responsible for payment of all expenses. 

Dan Perkhiser

The Lecturer is appointed by the Grand Knight to provide both educational and entertaining programs to the council. He is responsible for the 'Good of the Order' portion of council meetings. In order to provide members with informative and educational programs, he must be knowledgeable and aware of all council programming. 

Joe Grabowski

The Advocate is the legal representative of the council and serves as the council's attorney at trials and investigations of any interest to the council. While he does not need to be a member of the legal profession, he should be familiar with the council by-laws, the Order's Charter, Constitution and Laws (#30), Methods of Conducting a Council Meeting (#1937), and Robert's Rules of Order. 

Blake Marth

The Warden is the 'watchdog' for council property and degree paraphernalia, except the property of the Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Recorder. He is also responsible for setting up the council chambers for meetings and ceremonial work. During ceremonial exemplifications, he will appoint and supervise Guards. 

Inside Guard
Matt Woodiel

Outside Guard
Ricky Barnett

The Guards have similar responsibilities, but distinct differences.The Outside Guard tends to the outer door admitting visitors and members to the inner door. Once at the inner door, the Inside Guard checks to make sure that their membership cards are current.

Trustees -

3rd Year
Louis Mushill

2nd Year
Doc Buller

1st Year
Chris DeClue

The Board of Trustees consists of three members elected by the council and the Grand Knight, who serves as chairman of the board. They oversee the work of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer, and with the Deputy Grand Knight serve on the council's retention committee. During council elections, only the three-year trustee is voted on, with the others moving on to become two and one-year trustees, respectively.

Insurance Agent
Joel Dixon

(618) 580-9215

The Insurance Agent provides Knights of Columbus insurance programs to the membership and their families.

Program Director


The Program Director coordinates all the council activities.

Council Members Only