Racing:  Betfair In-Running P&L Analyser 

Check your in-running vs pre-off P&L 

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Note:     The xls file requires Windows Excel 97 or higher.
             Macros are run, but they are safe
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             Betfair has introduced persistent bets
               - bets placed (and flagged as) pre-off may be matched in-running

This site has been commissioned by The Magician:


I have been on betfair for 5 years, and in racing for 20 years (I started young).

Betfair is a fantastic company and a great site; over the years I have met many of the people that built and run the company. They are great people, and the company is in very good hands for the most part.

I am a massive supporter of the company and the business model.

I profit from betting on betfair – but I like and expect betting to be as fair and transparent as possible to everyone, and I believe it is Betfair's moral (and business) duty to provide a certain level of protection for the public.

Betfair accepts this responsibility in many areas, and largely voids bets when necessary.

I oppose corruption in racing, and all other forms of dishonest and manipulative extraction of money from the public. To this end I have spent weeks and weeks of man hours to provide data regarding corrupt runners and methods to detect corrupt runner to the Betfair integrity team and to the HRA.

I oppose owners laying their own horses to manipulate the market and extract money from social ‘innocent punters, as was the case with two owners on multiple occasions with Micmackmagoogle.

Despite my love affair with Betfair, I think there are some areas where Betfair could be more robust in their defence of innocent punters - who after all are their future as a business.

As such Betfair needs to protect the innocent punter maybe for moral reasons but certainly for business reasons – and in running betting (ON HORSE RACING) is one area I think they could be more robust in that moral duty – but because IR is a unique selling point according to their business minds, they allow it to continue, without an in-depth assessment of its fairness.

I hope this model allows people to assess their own betting in this area, and allows punters to restrict their betting IR if they lose considerable sums there and focus their attention on profitable areas - which in the long run will be good for Betfair (IMHO).

Finally I do not bet IR, so this application is of no value to me:  I commissioned it solely to help others understand where they make and lose money, so they can focus on their best areas…. And diminish the unlevel playing field that I believe exists, if they find they are suffering from it.

I hope it helps you – please post your findings on the forum, as it would be great to have a real discussion about how un-level the IR playing field really is.

The Magician