Hi! If you're visiting this site, chances are you've been a participant in one of my workshop sessions at an EdTechTeam Summit event featuring Google in Education.

On this site I've included a collection of resources for you to follow up or review. I normally share a lot of stuff in my workshops, so the notes, links, videos and other stuff you'll find on these pages are here to help refresh your memory about what was covered in the workshop, or just to help you go exploring on your own. 

All my original resources are published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. That means you can copy them, use them, modify them, as long as you credit the source (this site), and also share freely. You don't need to ask my permission (the CC license means you already have it), you just need to cite and share. Enjoy.

Hope you find this site useful,



Latest News

  • Sydney Summit Sessions
    Yay! I'm at a Summit in my home town. The Sydney Summit will be the first that I'm actually leading for the EdTechTeam. I'm excited and a little trepidatious at the same time. As well as being the MC for the event, these are the workshop sessions I'm doing in Sydney.

    Posted 14 Apr 2015, 05:40 by Chris Betcher
  • Sessions for the Canberra Summit
    It's great to be in the nation's capital for the first Canberra Summit featuring Google in Education. I think it's especially exciting because the ACT Education Department has just made the switch to Google Apps for all of their public schools! The sessions I'm presenting at this event are:
    Posted 26 Mar 2015, 07:14 by Chris Betcher
  • Australia and New Zealand
    After an amazing week in Canada doing back to back Summits in Edmonton, it's going to be a busy few months here in APAC. The Canberra Summit is coming up on March 28/29, followed by Christchurch on April 8/9, Auckland on April 14/15 and Sydney on April 16/17. I'm especially excited about being the lead on the Sydney Summit. Lots happening!
    Posted 7 Mar 2015, 23:42 by Chris Betcher
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