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The Letter of support for the Snake River Dams.

We support The Dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers in Washington state. 
   There continues to be a movement in the Pacific Northwest to remove dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers for salmon restoration.  This would destroy a major source of the regions carbon free hydro power generation, flood and erosion control, irrigated farming, recreation, tax generation and barge shipping. These entities provide the major economic base for these areas.  Mainly, because of politics, bad science and lack of common sense. There has been no consideration to address the needs and welfare of people that live and work in these areas. Their lives are dependent upon the many benefits these dams provide to all of us.  We believe we can have both dams and salmon. We support economical and common sense science based salmon recovery and restoration.  We also believe all salmon recovery and restoration plans should protect people as well as salmon. 
" Save Our Dams" Petition
( Has expired ) please sign the letter of support below )

Patagonia funded the making of the movie DamNation and sponsors most all of the dam removal activities.  

The following movie downplays and distorts the true value and stories of the Lower Four Snake River Dams.

The Four Lower Snake River Dam removal petitions are outlined below:

The largest of the dam removal petitions are these two at www.change.org

The first dam removal petition is Damnation/Patagonia's 
" Crackdown on Deadbeat Dams " they have close to 75,000 signers.


There are at least 7 other dam removal petitions that I am aware of which is listed at: