2. "Boycott Patagonia"

     My experience with Patagonia and Dam Removal and Dam breaching goes back to the mid 1990's when they were funding and circulating misinformation and running deceptive add campaigns to Remove the Lower Four Snake River Dams.  They were bad actors then and they continue to do the same things today.   It's time to boycott Patagonia and any other businesses that sell their sporting goods such as REI.  By not doing any business with them we will send them a message that we are opposed to any of our money being used to support removing the Four Lower Snake River Dams activities.  As they continue to fund these activities, which is generated by using 1% of their annual revenue which will create around $500,000 annually.  This money is used specifically to fund activities like Removing the Four Lower Snake River Dams.  Their campaigns  adds have been and continue to be based on misleading deceptive misinformation.  It you feel the same way I do then I would encourage you to send them an email to this effect.

1.  Got to the the top right  " ?  " Icon.
2.  Then e mail us.
3.  Subject.  I am Boycotting Patagonia ( Suggested )
4.  Suggested, something to this effect.
Yvon Chouinard, I will not do any business with your company until such time you as you stop all funding Removing of the Four Lower Snake River Dams activities.