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We can have Dams and 
  Putting it in perspective.
     1.  Everyone in the Northwest who uses hydro-power electricity pays between 5 to 30 percent of their electric bills for salmon and wildlife restoration, that is 5 to 30 cents of every dollar you spend on your electricity bill. This range depends upon a variety of conditions, and will average about 20 cents for everyone.
    2.  For every 10 salmon returning to spawn, 6 are taken by Ocean Harvest, 2 are reserved for "Tribal Nets", 1 is killed by Predators, and only 1 will have the chance to spawn. All this occurs before there are any dams to be encountered.
     3.   The Four Lower Snake River Dams collectively can power the City of Seattle and the surrounding areas, or could power both the states of Idaho and Montana together.
     4.  There are now more fish today  then when dams were first constructed on the Snake and Columbia rivers.  However, none of the hatchery fish are counted by any of our governmental agencies from all the continuing salmon restoration programs and all the monies that have been and are being spent.  If just 10% of hatchery fish were counted there would be very few threatened or endangered salmon listed as being endangered.
     5.   There is a twin sister river called the Frazier River ( Nicknamed, The Salmon River ) in Canada that is UN-damed and experiences almost the same salmon fluctuations as the Columbia River with out any dams.  This would indicate there are a lot of other factors that effect salmon returns.
     There continues to be a movement in the Pacific Northwest to remove dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers of salmon restoration. 

     Presently there has been a renewal of interest by some to remove the Lower Four Snake River Dams for salmon restoration and impacts on wild salmon.  Even though the salmon runs for the last few years have been at all time highs.  There are those that have a different view which appears to be based on a variety of thoughts such as misinformation, junk science, environmental extremism, religious extremism, mixed with political persuasion and pressure.
     This would destroy a major source of the regions carbon-free renewable hydro-power, flood and erosion control, irrigated farming, recreation, barge shipping and tax generation for these areas. These entities provide the major economic resources for these areas.

     Mainly because of politics, junk science, misinformation and lack of common sense there has been no consideration to address the needs and welfare of people that live and work in these areas. Their lives and jobs are dependent upon the many benefits these dams provide to everyone.

      We have come together to be pro-active in this issue and to educate, inform and build a data base of support for Save Our Dams.  In the late 90's we started the Save Our Dams campaign and with a lot of volunteers and a lot of help we collected over 880,000 signatures in support of saving the Four Lower Snake River Dams and we presented them to various congressional hearings about this issue. 
     To date we have not removed any of the dams on the Snake or Columbia rivers and it is because of your support that has made the difference in this debate.  If you still feel the same way, it is time to get re-engaged and become involved again to defeat this issue again because it will not going away by itself.

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Latest News Highlights:

April 13, 2017.

Finally getting the term " Fish Friendly " attached to some of the hard work and improvements made by a lot of hard working dedicated people. There are those that hate this term, " Fish Friendly " but a lot of us love ❤️ it because it is true.

This Washington state dam is trying to be fish-friendly.


The Wanapum Dam on Washington State's Columbia River. (Eilís O'Neill/for WHYY)


April 2, 2017.

   PBS TV has started a new 13 episode series on PBS called " Way of the Columbia ". This started April 1st at 5 PM on KSPS, it is my understanding they will air one episode a week on Saturday at 5pm.  The first one is called " Not so Lonesome, Redfish lake episode " and aired April 1, 2017. It is also available on the following Youtube link:


     My only issue with the 1st episode is that there is no reference to Idaho Department of Fish and Game and their on going continuous practice of poisoning Salmon in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.  This was done to try and turn the lakes and streams into Pristine trout fishing areas for tourism and the related economics of the sport trout fishing economy for these areas.  This required the killing of the Salmon as they eat trout and took habitant and were considered of little value at the time. For more information about this, go to:

In 1992, one lone Sockeye Salmon returned to Redfish Lake, “Lonesome Lary.” Explore the efforts undertaken by the Idaho Fish and Game…

Mar 16, 2017.

    For the record, Columbia river and Snake river dams and their related reservoir's DO NOT create greenhouse gases as many have claimed and they DO NOT have a carbon footprint.

Columbia & Snake River Reservoirs Not Associated with High Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Northwest Power & Conservation Council)

Council finds the region's federal hydrosystem unlikely to emit high levels of methane gas

March 27, 2017.  

     Many of you have been asking me were are we headed now. Basically, the "Judge has requested spill for fish" which if you know anything about spilling water and nitrogen levels, this is the kiss of death for fish. I have been setting back and letting this play out with the current Perverted Legal system we have and also the new Administration, and I do not believe they are one and the same. From my perceptive this is a an opportunity to take a deep breath and to productively play out the science and facts as we know it. Easy to say, hard to do. I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to give feedback and testimony to this issue. " Yess the squeaky wheel does get the grease and with your continued support and commitment we will roll the wheels in the right direction.

July 2, 2017.

     In May of last year U.S. District Judge Michael Simon requested the agencies to revue all reasonable options for achieving the goals of the hydro-system, " in order to minimize the system's negative impacts ". The first step in this three-year review process are 15 public "scoping" meetings across the region-- also called NEPA meetings. (NEPA) - National Environmental Policy Act.

     This ruling basically puts the Snake River Dam Breaching options back on the table. I would encourage you to come and submit testimony in person or by letter as this plays out. 

The video at the bottom of this link is very good.

Nov 21, 2016, Tri-City Heald.
People passionate about saving Snake River Dams.

( Seattle Times , July 2, 2016 ) by Todd Myers, Director for the
Environment at Washington Policy Center.
The Recent ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon's puts
Breaching the Lower Four Snake River Dams back on the table.  This is a great article by Todd Myers, director for the Center for the Environment at Washington Policy Center.

Jan 10, 2016, Seattle Times.
(Third video down) Thank you Sen. Murray for your balanced position.

Save Our Dams 
Highlighted article:
     "Patagonia's new strategy is to say that southern resident orcas are threatened because of the Lower Snake River Dams are 'reducing the salmon runs'.  This is the biggest piece of crap argument of them all! "

Below are
Highlighted videos:

News Highlights:
     For the past six years the annual return on this investment was over $200 million of clean electricity. These dams provide enough energy to power 676,000 homes a year while avoiding the 7,317 kilotons of carbon dioxide emissions a coal plant would produce.
Check out the 10 year, Last year, and Current years count which is at all time highs. 

“All the gloves come off,” Gentry said, “Yes, there will definitely be shut offs to the agriculture community.”
“It holds something for a lot of people,” Mallams said. “It shows a significant amount of taming the West, taming the rivers, using our natural resources for the betterment of mankind, not just for fish.”  
  Top 10 Best Dam Resources:
( Youtube 15 Min ) 
2. VIDEO = Dam Good Reasons  ( Vimeo 4 Min )
( Pacific Northwest Waterways Association )
(Pacific Northwest Waterways Association )

 ( Kris Johnson, Association of Washington Business, May 31, 2015, Wenatchee Daily World )   

Follow these 5

steps to make a difference.
 1.  Sign Letter of support for the Lower 4 Snake River Dams and share and circulate the support letter  and related information.
       2.  Boycott Patagonia by not  doing any business with them or any-other businesses that sell their sporting goods such as REI and others, until they stop all funding of removing the Four Lower Snake River Dams efforts and activities.
       3.  Display  the Save Our Dams bumper sticker.
        4.  Learn more about this issue.  I would suggest that you look at the following areas on the left side of this page.  Start with the 
4 F.  " Videos "
4 G. Floods after dams "
 4 I. " Salmon "
to start with.
       5.  Become an advocate of the dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers and help spread the word.
Join us and others at: www.facebook.com/saveourdams
Add your email to the Save Our Dams network.  Just say add me by sending an e-mail to: saveourdams@gmail.com    Also if you have other articles or information about this issue, we would be happy to include it to share with others. It you have opinions, stories or experiences feel free to share them at. Save Our Dams Blog

Debunking the 
Myths and Factoids

and setting the record straight.

"The rest of the Story"
( Coined phrase from Paul Harvey )

     This website is here to help inform, educate and correct misinformation about dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers, as well as build a network of support. 

     The Four Lower Snake River Dams are not Grand Coulee Dam by any means, they are on a totally different magnitude and scale.  However, the history, justification and needs are collectively the same today for the Four Lower Snake River Dams as it was for Grand Coulee Dam.

   There are those that will continuously downplay, trivialize, devalue and discredit all the benefits that these dams provide to all of us.  They continue to make up "myths " (An idea or story that is believed by many people but is not true ) and fabricate  " factoids "  ( An invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print ) that mislead the public by twisting, distorting and manipulating the facts for their agendas.  Including ignoring the public's safety, health and welfare from the benefits from flood control that these dams provide.  They offer alternatives when studied make no sense at all and will negatively effect our current quality of life and degrade our lifestyle as we know it today and far into the future.