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Tribal harvest

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Commercial harvest

It should be noted that a lot of Salmon that are caught in Alaska are spawned in the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

Alaska's salmon return in 2015 may set new records, with commercial fishermen projected to harvest 221 million salmon this year, roughly 1 billion pounds. The state's salmon fisheries have exceeded the 1 billion pound mark only once before, in 2013. Many in the industry are optimistic the 2015 salmon harvest will exceed even these expectations. In 2013, the largest factor in the record catch was the pink salmon harvest, which was greater than the forecast by 92 percent. This year, the pink salmon forecast is 19 percent higher than the 2013 forecast. Further, recent odd-year harvests for pinks have tended to surpass forecasts, and juvenile sampling data on this year's returning pink salmon class showed a large stock. Sockeye harvests are projected to increase for the second straight year; the forecast is nearly double 2013 harvest levels.