4 B. "Save Our Dams Statement"

 General Summary Statement.

     The latest scientific data shows that the Snake River dams and their fish friendly new turbines and fish bypass systems pass  96-98 percent of all salmon safely down stream.  Dams and their hydro turbines are not giant fish blenders like allot of people would like you to believe, they turn at about 86 RPM's ( the speed or a average traveling bicycle wheel ), and they do not kill 95-99 percent of all the Salmon as many suggest.  Almost all of the salmon are safely bypassed around the dams, by the use of, fish ladders, fish screens, fish collectors and efficient  fish bypass systems, together with fish transportation systems which results in the vast majority of fish avoiding the turbines all together.  The remaining fish either go over the spillway or pass through the turbines.  For the very few fish that actually do go through the turbines,  95 percent of them pass safely through the existing turbines,  97-98 percent of them pass safely through the newer fish friendly turbines.  The net effect of all the dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers is a fish mortality averaging about 10 percent, depending upon a multitude of conditions at the particular time.  This loss is more than compensated for by fish hatcheries and improved fish habitat.  When you factor in all the existing fish friendly technology and fish passage systems and transportation in use today, the fish passage now is better than in a un-dammed river.  Today, there are now more fish going downstream and the water is cooler than before there were dams constructed  on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.  With all these improvements, the in river fish migration survival is now better then before dams were constructed on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

     Dams, Hydro-power, Agriculture and Forestry, individually and collectively reduce global warming, air pollution and the effects of greenhouse gases and hydro-carbons which also protects our ozone layer.  As our world's population continues to grow, only these types of projects can clean and purify our environment on a large scale.  This all happens with the clean and renewable help from mother nature and our Eco-System (specifically the hydro-logic cycle and the effects of plant transpiration).  The result of this is that carbon-monoxide, carbon-dioxide and other air pollutants are removed and our air is purified through this process improving everyone's air quality.   Let us put things in perspective, our present population of 6 billion will double in 50 years to 12 billion, and there is only one major source of electricity that is annually renewable, clean, pollution free, carbon free and that is hydro-power.  Ultimately large dams increase the ozone layer and clean our air pollution by eliminating hydrocarbon based alternative power generation, such as natural gas generation and coal fired generation which is the only other large generating alternatives that are currently acceptable.  We need to protect these large projects that provide major economic and ecological benefits and the renewable resources that they produce that effect our quality of life, and our future.  Currently we are the only country in the world that reduces more green house gases and hydro-carbons then we produce and these projects collectively help this to happen.  These projects are major natural resource conservation projects which use mother natures free annually renewable natural occurring rain water and snow as the fuel for power production.  This  helps eliminates the consumption and dependence on foreign fossil fuel such as oil and gas,  which would be needed to fuel the current major large generating alternative power sources if the the Snake River Dams were removed or breached.  These projects  help provide national security and independence by helping relieve our current dependence on foreign oil, coal and gas.    In the event of a war, a oil embargo or some other world uprising could interrupt our foreign oil supplies, we could continue to have power production from these project unlike the current major power production alternatives that are available today that would use oil, coal or gas.

   Dam breaching is the removal of the earthen portion of the dam, so the water will run around the dam.  The biggest impact will be the elimination of 37,000 acres of irrigated farmland in Washington, and the elimination of 643,000 acres of irrigated farmland in Idaho through river flow augmentation.   This would also eliminate enhanced groundwater water tables  in areas up to 200 - 250 miles away. It would eliminate the production of enough power (1286 Megawatts) to power all of the states of Idaho and Montana together, or the entire city of Seattle.  To replace this power generation with coal fire generation would require a coal train over 1.2 miles long every day to fuel the generators, and they would emit 14,500,000 tons of hydro-carbon gases into the environment annually.  This would also eliminate an efficient barge shipping transportation system that is second only to the Mississippi River in total commerce.  For example 10 percent of all the wheat produced in the United States is moved through the barging system.  To replace all the shipping would require 700,000 semi-trucks on our current highway system, or 120,000 railroad cars.   Currently 43 States benefit directly from shipping and hydro-power generation.   There is also a host of other, economic, environmental , habitat and wildlife benefits that enhance our quality of life which would be lost.  Most all of this area would return to a arid desert which is was before the dams and water came.  The dams and water are the life blood of these areas,  they have truly made the desert bloom and have made this area inhabitable for all.   Without the dams and water many of the  residents ( both human and wildlife ) will be forced to leave, and the wetlands will dry up and the enhanced habitat will return back to arid desert.

    This is a volunteer grass roots SAVE OUR DAMS coalition.   If you have information that you would like to share with others or if you would like to help in this effort we would  encourage you to become involved.   We believe that if good people get good information, they will be able to make good decisions. Collectively with everyone's involvement and support we can make a difference.    The most important thing you can do right now is to "Sign and Circulate the SAVE OUR DAMS petition".  If you want to be updated with the latest information and be alerted to activities or be apart of our coalition, you can help us by adding your name to our e-mail list which will help us build a support group.  The more people involved the better our results will be.  With your help we can be pro active and aggressive in this issue and separate the wheat from the chaff.