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Facebook Post Robbie Robertson Nov 23,2016
 People of all ages and stripes need to rise up against undoing what generations of Great Americans have done for us in the past that allows us to have all of the life luxuries that even us poor folks like to enjoy. So folks lets help out and do whatever you can to help save the destruction of the entire Pacific NW if some group of elitists somehow get these damns taken down. Does not anybody have a clue what recent history shows us. CALIFORNIA was and is a freaking desert throughout the great cities of Los Angeles and San Diego among all the others, that is until they stole the Colorado river water legally built some great canals and now have water shortages because they did nothing to conserve, protect, or prepare for the tripling of the population in the last 55 years. Oh by the way, has anyone noticed that Eastern WA is desert as well? It wasn't until 1930 when Public Utilities were allowed that electricity was owned by the citizens of their counties and the farmers then have the juice to pump the water to the fields to grow all them delicious spuds, apples and all the rest of our glorious bounty. Take out any of our damns and resort to desert life then you'll be no better off then all them folks in the Mid east just crawling with desert sand crabs.

( Bob Bracht, Seattle, Wa ) Originally from Eastern Washington as well as the town of Lewiston Idaho. I appreciate then and still do today the significant benefits the dams built by the Army Corps of Engineers provide.  Rhetoric, hypocrisy and miss-information cloud facts and why we need to keep theses dams.
     1. We are blessed to live in the lowest cost energy in the USA.
     2.  One of cleanest energy sources in the world.
     3.  Agriculture is the 2nd largest industry in the State of Washington and irrigation provides crops such as multiple fruits, wheat, alfalfa, potatoes,barley, hops to name a few crops vital to so many people and industries.
     4.  Salmon runs up the Columbia and Snake Rivers are flourishing again while power companies upgrade salmon ladders in these dams.
     5. Dams provide the ability to cool downstream waters when summer temperatures threaten low river levels by the outflow of cool kept water that benefit salmon and their migration back to spawning grounds.
     6.  Barges move crops along both rivers at competitive cost for them to bring their products to market.
     7.  Human and nature coexist in these regions, while these dams provide vital jobs to so many areas.
     8.  Activist want to use taxpayer dollars to breach these dams and further the incredible debt the USA is in now which places more harm on my children and their children for years to come, when as facts state salmon flourish,  This is such a hypocritical stance by individuals and corporations such as Patagonia.  Patagonia, Yvonne Chouinard and its employees.  Yet Patagonia and it's employees still buy electricity to heat their homes, run their phones, cars and most likely fly on planes that burn fossil fuels not to mention buy and produce products built in China.
     9.  This region is home to server farms run by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to name a few corporations that more that likely help Patagonia and those same activist keep the cost of computing down because of the lowest, clean energy.
     10.  To all the activist that want to breach these dams, mess with the region and the economics of it go out and find something more positive to do with your time and energy to help lower you own personal or corporate carbon foot print the use mine or other well meaning taxpayers money to breach a dams.
     11.  Support Save Our Dams.

( Jack Henson, Kahlotus, Wa )   I live here. I am directly depended upon these dams. I know the Corps are very good custodians of these facilities and are responsible in the care and welfare of all the fish (and other wild live management). They have maintained a very high success rate in salmon passage and continually look for ways to cause less stress for the fish. I think, BECAUSE of the dams, the fish health, numbers (both wild AND hatchery), and passage through the estuary are closely monitored. In todays world of rough fishing fleets and overfishing of the oceans, the salmon have a much higher survival rate BECAUSE of the dams, than they would otherwise enjoy.

( Harvey Colvin, Seattle, Wa ) Even though I am a salmon fisherman I do realize the needs and welfare of people are more important then a few salmon. The people pay the taxes and support the government not fish. I'm not a believer in takeaways. ( Harvey Colvin, Seattle, Wa )

( Bruce Blackwell, Connell, Wa ) I feel the need to counter the crack pot ideas and half truths put forth by the drones that have bought into Patagonias rhetoric that flys in the face of the reality of the current record salmon returns in the major NW rivers. ( Bruce Blackwell, Connell, Wa )

( Christine Stallard, Gold Beach, Or ) Are you serious? At a time when renewable energy is the focus of our attention, we want to remove clean, renewable sources of electricity from our energy supply? We need to start making sense in our energy debates.  Christine Stallard, ( Gold Beach, Or )
( Richelle Beck, Portland, Or )  I am signing because I appreciate the clean, reliable energy these dams provide.  I believe as climate warms, we will have more control over river temps by keeping the dams in place.