Do you think this is a coincidence.  First video comes out in 1975 when the dam removal advocates first start their campaign.
Remake of the video comes out in 2015 when the dam removal advocates start their campaign again.???

    How many of you remember Dan Aykroyd's Bass-O-Matic Super 76 ( 1976 ) and / or  Dan Aykroyd's Bass-O-Matic 2159 ( Remake 2015 )   The Enviro's still use this as a demonstration for what happens to salmon as they go through a Hydro-power Turbine.  So you know today only a very small percentage of salmon actually go through the turbines and of those that do 95-98% are safely passed through the turbines.  The vast majority of salmon do not go through the turbines and are safely moved by various fish by-pass systems.

    The following is from " The Great Salmon Hoax " ( 1998 data )

    "Across the Concrete Mortality" in Mainstem Dams page 94-98

     From the perspective of removing obstacles to salmon migration, even the drowning of Celilo Falls by construction of The Dalles Dam was helpful to salmon. As one fishery agency official candidly told reporters at the time, “it would be easier for the fish to go over a ladder in the dam than to fight their way over Celilo Falls”. Today such statements are cited as examples of “at least a lack of sensitivity toward Indians among government officials”. Truth and sensitivity are often at odds.

     Environmentalists often proclaim the dams are “rigged with turbines that churn like giant Cuisinarts making salmon and steelhead puree”, like the infamous "Bass-o-Matic" demonstrated by Dan Ackroyd on Saturday Night Live. The Idaho environmentalists, the most extreme of their breed, went so far as to run a television ad in the spring of 1995 that showed a blender, followed by a red screen leaving the results to the audience's imagination.

     This is a hoax too. Turbines rarely kill salmon by cutting them up. They have large flat blades that spin about the same speed as bicycle tires—80 rpm. The vast majority of salmon get through untouched.

     By the 1990s, technology had advanced to the point where researchers could attach tiny balloons to salmon that inflate after a delayed chemical reaction.  Salmon passed through the turbine pop to the surface quickly after turbine passage. Sometimes a dead and battered salmon comes up. But not very often—about three times out of a hundred. Researchers have observed salmon passing through turbines to compute 120 hour survival estimates, so that immediate and delayed mortality can be computed. The results: 95% survival through the turbines at Lower Granite Dam. Even those results may overstate turbine mortality if “culling” is occurring; it is possible that the weakest members of the population may be weeded out at the first dam, tending to lead to higher estimates of turbine mortality there. Similar results have been obtained at Rocky Reach Dam in the upper Columbia River.

     The studies on turbine mortality have had little impact on the turbine component of the Great Salmon Hoax. Newspaper articles continue to report that “[s]almon are being spun around and chewed to bits in the giant turbines of the Columbia-Snake River dam system”. Harvest managers and environmentalists continue to assert as a scientific fact that turbines kill 10-15% or even more of the salmon that pass through them.