Eberron Campaign

A new day has come to the nations of Khorvaire in Eberron. After almost a century of conflict the lofty princes and scheming dragon-marked houses decided that war was no longer profitable. With that realization the great war has come shambling to an end with one clear looser and no winner.

A land at peace does not mean a land without conflict. Monsters lurk in the shadows while generals and their armies chaff as they await the next call to war. The powerful dragonmarked houses see peace as yet another field of battle as they strive to expand their influence and power. That's all on the surface, less obvious are the machinations of demons, dragons, undying elves, and psionic extra-dimensional terrors who might literally be stalking anyone's nightmare.

The characters find themselves in the city of Galethspyre in the nation of Breland, each for their own reason. Trouble is brewing that will sweep all of them into conflict. With their fates intertwined and their world in peril will they gel into a effective party or fall apart at the seams? Will they triumph or be crushed?

The game uses the new 4e D&D rules. I'm actively adapting 3e Eberron material to 4e where needed.

Players can submit any character concept they wish - or can simply say "I'd like to play" and I'll help them through developing a character.

I've also got extensive homebrew material and would be happy to develop more so interested players should feel free to suggest character concepts that fit the setting but are not yet available in the standard 4e rules. For example I'd be more than happy to have a player run an artificer or leader-role druid character.

This game is currently transitioning from PBEM to PbP at a site called www.myth-weavers.com.

Posting frequency is anywhere from once per day to once every few weeks. I'm very flexible if players need to take a week or two off. The narrative can be slowed or I can temporarily take on the PC as an NPC.  Real life is understood to take precedence.

I try to balance combat, role playing, and problem solving -- but in all cases I like well written posts and attention to narrative, character and setting.

Contact BetaPyxis [at the domain of] gmail.com if you are interested.

Note: As of Sept, 2009  -- We are planning to recruit a few new players over at myth-weavers. Interested parties who see this notice can contact me at the email address above to be considered.