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The Mills Music Mission 

Our Founder, Ossian Everett Mills, known as Father Mills in our Order, dedicated his life to making people's lives better by using music as a type of healing medicine.

Father Mills visited orphanages and hospitals and other sites to better the quality of life of those who, previously, had little reason to smile.  And where anyone can perform for an audience, Mills ensured that a connection was made with each person; gifts of flowers and toys were always around for those he sung for.  Thus, the Flower Mission was born.

Today, Sinfonians across the country retain Father Mills' teachings as the Mills Music Mission has become our National philanthropy.

Wherever a Brother may be, he will always be living to enrich the lives of those around him through the wonderful power of Music.

At the 2006 National Convention the new visual identity of the fraternity was displayed for the first time:  a simple slogan was implimented in the design capturing what Sinfonians stand for.

Among Men
For more information on the Mills Music Mission, its history, and importance in the work of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, please consult the National Website here.