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Our 7 Purposes

  • To unite women educators in a genuine spiritual fellowship.
  • To honor women who have given or who evidence potential for distinctive service in education.
  • To advance the professional interest and position of women in education.
  • To sponsor, support and initiate desirable educational legislation.
  • To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators.
  • To stimulate personal and professional growth of members.
  • To inform the members of current economic, social, political and educational issues.

We use projects and events to raise money, then distribute that money through our 501(c)(3) arm, BBEF (Beta Beta Education Foundation).  We support each other and have a wonderful time supporting our passions for education.

Our History

Founded by twelve women in 1929, today the Delta Kappa Gamma Society has more than 150,000 members in 3,000 chapters in 18 countries.

Our Current Work

 How We Raise Funds What We Do with our Funds
  • Sock it To Me Project
  • Fall Auction Project
  • Summer Garage Sale Project
  • Spring Tea Project 
  • Used Book Sale
  • Business Partners Donations
  • Other donations
  • Margaret Nielsen Financial Awards
    •  Educational scholarship grants to support women educators pursuing education degrees and certifications.
  • Mini Grant Educational Excellence Awards
    • Grants support projects in our local schools that are not covered by district budgets, open to high school teachers regardless of gender.
  • Elementary Music and Arts Projects Support
    • Grants to enhance opportunities for elementary teachers (regardless of gender) in music and the arts
  • Dictionary Project 
    • Third grade students in the Sherwood district receive personal copies of  dictionaries.
  • Holiday Food and Gift Baskets
    • Food and gifts for needy families in our local area.
  • Battle of the Books
    • Purchase books on each year's reading list for this program
  • Little Free Library

Our Future

We are acquiring Community Partners to enhance our fundraising abilities through the Beta Beta Education Foundation to expand our support for education in our communities..

Officers for 2018 - 2020

Office:   Co-Presidents

      Name:          Mary Bell

Duties:          Administrative

Liaison:         Foundation

      Name:           Pam Kenyon

Duties:          Administrative/ BBEF

Liaison:         Website Development

Office:  Co-1st Vice President

Name:      Barbara Becker

Duties: Chapter Year Book

Liaison: Music and Art

Name: Eva Miller

Duties Chapter Year Book / BBEF

Liaison: Business Partners, Fall Auctions


Office:  Co-2nd Vice Presidents

Name: Sherrie Bonser

Duties: Newsletter & Oregon Trail

Liaison: Community Service

Name: Donna Rhinevault

Duties: Newsletter / BBEF

Liaison: Business Partners


Office:  Co-Recording Secretaries

Name: Barbara King

Duties: Rules, Minutes, and Roll

Liaison: Fall Auctions

Name:          Sherrie James

Duties:          Rules, Minutes, and Roll

Liaison:         Literacy


Office:  Co-Past Presidents

Name:     Sandy Bartnik

Duties: Membership

Liaison: Nominations/Membership

Music and Art

Name:     Pam Rostron

Duties: Membership

Liaison: Nominations/Membership

Garage Sale


Office: Historian

Name: Eloise Gibson
Duties: Chapter Digital History
Liaison: Spring Tea

Office: Corresponding Secretary  

Name: Eloise Gibson
Duties: ChapterCorrespondence