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Keywords:Attitude Control, spacecraft dynamics, UAV, System Identification


Coursework: I joined MIT in February 2006 as a Research scholar in Division of Avionics under my supervisor Dr J Shanmugam who served in INDIAN Air force during 1971 war and involved in upgrading Avionics of Russian made fighter jets.  Till now (Mar'07) I'm doing my course work where i will study the basics of Aerodynamics, Spacecraft dynamics,Satellite Architecture & Navigation systems.

Research:  Since May 2006 I'm working as a Project Associate at MICSAT (Micro Satellite Development) CASR, Aerospace Engineering,  MIT Chrompet under Project Director R. Dhanaraj. My work was to develop algorithm for satellite On-board Computer(OBC) apart from this i do ground simulations to test the control software. The simulations involve  operations from launch vehicle(PSLV) separation, orbit acquisition and finally switching ON the payloads. Attitude control forms as the back bone to any space object as it is responsible to keep the satellite in space and favors establishing communication link between the satellite and the ground station.
The Attitude Control System (ACS) contains all equipment necessary to support satellite attitude control and stabilization and Torquer firing & control. The ACS operates exclusively as a spin stabilized control system and performs the following functions:

    * Controls the rotation of satellite body axes.
    * Provides torquer commands for repositioning and station keeping.
    * Controls orientation of the spin axis and track in response to ground commands.
    * Controls the orientation of the Space to Ground Link antenna to point at the ground terminal in response to ground command.
    * Provides sun sensor telemetry data for ground based satellite attitude determination.
    * Provides attitude sensor data and sun presence data for power generation.
    * Provides the capability to recover the satellite from failure conditions which cause loss of attitude control.
    * Controls the spin rate with respect to spin axis.

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Research Papers Published

Part of the research work carried out at MIT is presented in the following conferences


Closed Hardware in loop real time attitude control simulator for a Spinning Spacecraft - Swaminathan Balaraman


National Conference on Instrumentation & Control - ICECON 07

Date & Venue

NIT, Tiruchirappalli, December 27-29, 2007



Paper 1

Space Mission Analysis & Design for Tactical Spacecrafts

Paper 2

Magnetic Attitude Control for a Spinning Spacecraft with Cross Product of Inertia


2009 IEEE AIAA Aerospace Conference

Date & Venue

Big sky, Montana, USA, March 7-14, 2009