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Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate – Comparison 

From my first usage,  I thought I would provide you with a detailed comparison between the various editions of Windows Vista. And as the saying goes... one picture is worth a thousand words, the images at the bottom illustrate all the features of the operating system according to edition.

But of course, you will also be able to judge the differences in your own house. Buy a Windows Vista DVD with a license for Home Basic. Although the license is just for Home Basic, you will be able to install and test all the editions of the operating system, with the exception of Enterprise, which is available only via volume licensing. 

However, the single Vista DVD will permit you to install Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate and to test drive each edition for free for 30 days. How? Well... during the installation process of the operating system you will be asked to enter the license key. The license key will define the edition of Windows Vista that will be deployed. However, you have the possibility to not enter any license key, install whichever version you prefer and test it. As I've said above, the operating system will deliver a 30 days Initial Grace period with full functionality. You will then be able to upgrade to either Home Premium, Business or Ultimate via Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade.

This is a method that will keep you from spending $399 for Windows Vista Ultimate, when the $239 Vista Home Premium is more than enough for your needs. If you are not a music buff and you are not interested in multimedia creation like DVD creation then go for Home Basic. For a normal Home user, I feel that higher versions will simply load your PC with unwanted junks and require more Hardware.

Some of the services  to be stopped are made manual

  • Auto Root Update,
  • Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP),
  • Device Manager Digital Certificates,
  • Driver Protection,
  • Dynamic Update,
  • File Association Web Service,
  • Games Folder,
  • Input Method Editor (IME),
  • Installation Improvement Program,
  • Internet Explorer 7,
  • IPv6 Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal Service (Teredo),
  • Network Awareness,
  • Network Connectivity Status Icon,
  • Parental Controls,
  • Peer Name Resolution Service,
  • Plug and Play,
  • Plug and Play Extensions,
  • Program Compatibility Assistant,
  • Rights Management Services (RMS) Client,
  • Update Root Certificates,
  • Windows Control Panel,
  • Windows Mail (Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, or MSN Mail),
  • Windows Media Digital Rights Management and
  • Windows Media Player.

   More comparison from microsoft

Hardware Requirements: In opinion to my friends, for a normal user you have already got everything in wyndows Xp other than some new stuffs like Wyndows defender, memory real boost and DVD maker. When i install vista it consumed 7GB for OS alone after that it requires 5GB for normal working and for program files you need another big space. Altogether you need min 15GB for Vista OS alone. you can install it only in NTFS partition. Except for Home basic which takes 512MB of RAM all other versions need 1GB or more of RAM and a dedicated higher memory video card.  So if you really want to test vista then compare the features carefully with different versions and install them. for a normal user HOME BASIC is sufficient. 

For current Wyndows xp users if your PC doesn't meets the hardware requirements then , get the Visual feel of Vista in your windows XP, download Vista Transformation Pack. 

Want to know if your PC is ready for vista, then try vista upgrade advisor


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