Anna University Microsatellite

         ANUSAT is a 50 kg micro satellite being designed and fabricated at Anna University, Chennai. The aim is to bring university based academicians and research and development experts of ISRO together to implement a project in university environment. ANUSAT carries a digital store and forward payload for amateur communication. In addition, a number of technological payloads like digital receiver and turbo coder and MEMS based gyro and magnetic field sensor are planned to be in this micro satellite. During the year, the configuration of this satellite has been finalised and breadboard/design verification models of the core electronic systems completed

 ANUSAT Launched Ground Tracks- Real Time satellite Tracking                                                      

        ANUSAT, A micro-satellite designed and being built by Anna University at a cost of Rs.5.5 crores. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), sponsor of the project, would decide the launch of the micro-satellite.This collaboration is the first of its kind in India. Mr Rajaram Nagappa, a fellow MITian, former ISRO scientist and the Chief of Centre for Aerospace Research, MIT is the key interface person between the ISRO experts and the academic community.

        Students and Professors from various departments have been actively involved in this project for almost an year now. At present various subsystems of power electronic systems, the BUS electronic and RF systems have been developed. The Attitude control Subsystem(ACS) is developed at MIT Avionics under guidance from Dr. J.Shanmugam

        ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) at Sriharikota would launch the micro-satellite, first of such satellite to be built by any university in the country. Dr. Jayaraman said Anusat would have a "store and forward" payload. The control centre would be on the Madras Institute of Technology campus while three ground stations would be located in Bangalore, Guwahati and Pune.