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Choose Best IP Camera Software For Effective Surveillance System
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It has become mandatory for both the residential as well as the commercial properties to install an effective security system like IP cameras to detect any potential threats or illegal activities going on around the premises throughout the day and night. Devline is one company that comes up with the best ip camera software developed by their team of highly qualified and expert engineers for the line digital surveillance system. The company which was found in the year 2004 has more than a decade experience in developing state of the art video surveillance products and coming up some of the best security solutions to their clients. Their IP camera software is easy to install and can be used to connect up to 16 IP cameras simultaneously. There is no complexity whatsoever for the entire setup and installation process is taken care by the software coming up some of the interesting features to enhance the user experience of the clients. It is possible for you to choose the number of IP cameras that you would connect to the software with the help of the line macro NVR video server. In fact, one video server can accommodate up to 128 cameras without any hassles. The NVR video server allows you to connect up to 5, 8 or 16 channels or IP cameras. 

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 As the system is powered by the OS Linux it can support remote workstations and is also equipped with multi zone detector with video analytics function for effective monitoring of the videos recorded by the IP cameras. It is also possible to load many macro NVR and PC based video servers to one system. This allows you to monitor the things happening through different IP cameras set up at your residential or commercial property by simply entering an IP address or the domain name for the surveillance. Devline offers the best of line video surveillance system that comes up with latest features and updates for no additional cost. It also allows you to move the archives to a single window irrespective of the computers you are using for monitoring the IP cameras. It is also quite easy to search the archives using the video analytics features and the app developed by the company. It is also possible to connect to multiple servers simultaneously and also take advantage of the free services offered Devline like Dynamic DNS, Mobile clients and Line cloud to access data anytime and anywhere and also broadcast video cameras live on your website.