Homemade Pond Heater

homemade pond heater
  • Made at home, rather than in a store or factory
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  • (of flowing water or other liquids) Form such a lake
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This is the greenhouse my dad built for me this year. Every year my dad builds me a greenhouse out of wood and plastic. It is usually located at the end of our deck. This year he chose a new location since new carpeting was placed on the deck. He chose to put it under the deck where water couldn't harm the floor. It is in front of where I used to house my rabbits. I think it is going to work out well. I like it in there better then the old one he would build for me. The light comes in wonderful. It gets sun most of the day and has a little shading from an oak tree. Not sure how warm it is going to get in there but right now it seems to warm up during the day and ger pretty chilly at night. We have a space heater between this and the shed where my dad is housing the fish for our pond. Any questions or comments about anything please post or send a message. Either on the photos, the photoshop or the the garden/greenhouse itself.
Home Made Pond De-Icer
Home Made Pond De-Icer
I rigged this contraption three years ago after going througn three of those $80 floating heaters in two seasons. Those use 1200 watts - this uses 80 watts! I have a DIY tutorial on Flickr for making one of there. The one shown here was my original design - I have much improved it since this version. Simply a clamp lite suspended by wire coathangers. The base is 1 1/2" thick styrofoam with a hole cut in the middle for the light. The hole has 1" of extra space around the clamp light to prevent melting - the light suspends just above the water. It's in a GFCI outlet, so if it somehow flips, shorts - whatever, there's no shock.

homemade pond heater
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