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Duct Heater

duct heater
    duct heater
  • An electric-resistance or hot water heater mounted inside an air-delivery duct to provide supplementary heat to the delivered air.

Don Bratsch's Hummingbird Nectar heater
Don Bratsch's Hummingbird Nectar heater
This is Don's invention, a simple heater to keep the sugar water from freezing. "I first placed the light bulb too close ... and it burnt a hole in the bottom. My good friend Mr. Duct tape, and lowering it, fixed that problem."
Heater ducts.
Heater ducts.
This often overlooked on a restoration. Not here. New and fully functional. The heater system works better than than you would expect. Lots of air flow and plenty of heat. The defrosters even clear the window in the weather.

duct heater
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