Wireless Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo : Micro Innovations Intelligent Wireless Keyboard.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

wireless gaming keyboard mouse combo
    gaming keyboard
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Computer running
Computer running
The computer parts running Win98SE in the bottom of the unfinished cabinet. Specs - microATX motherboard w/ Celeron 533Mhz CPU and 64MB SDRAM. 10GB hard drive. nVidia TNT2 (32MB) video card. microATX power supply. For testing only I have a standard keyboard/mouse, 50X CD-ROM and 17" LCD monitor. *Update* I have added a 56K modem/sound card combo. *Update 2* One of my friends donated an old, but very very nice computer to the project. New specs include: Asus motherboard with onboard audio, 512MB of DDR-RAM, 1.2 Ghz Celeron processor, 40GB hard drive, and a GeForceFX 5200 video card. It's kinda hard to play Goldeneye from the N64 with arcade controls, but it's nice to know it's possible. Before moving the arcade to my dorm I added an old Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse. That way I can pull the keyboard or mouse out of my closet for adding ROMs or whatever. *Update 3* The computer now runs Windows XP and has plenty of games.
My desktop
My desktop
My games development desk. Missing from the picture is an XBOX 360 which now resides next to the PS3. This is where I work and play, in a sense, playing is my work! iPod Touch works great as a media remote with the 'VLC Remote' and 'Mocha VNC' applications.

wireless gaming keyboard mouse combo
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