Projector wireless remote - Linksys wireless n adapter.

Projector Wireless Remote

projector wireless remote
    wireless remote
  • A remote control unit that uses either IR (infra-red) or RF (radio frequency) signals to control another device (think of your TV or cable remote).
  • An object that is used to project rays of light, esp. an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film onto a screen
  • Projector is the fourth full-length studio album by the melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity.
  • an optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen
  • an optical device for projecting a beam of light
  • A person who plans and sets up a project or enterprise
  • A promoter of a dubious or fraudulent enterprise

THIS PHOTO WAS UPDATED (11-DEC-08) ################################# This is my setup im using for now which is a SHARP 50" FULL HD LCD 1080P as i also have a very expensive 130" LCD PROJECTOR which im not setting up yet due to working out a better setup and cinema style setup and design, as you will notice there is still plastic around the tv. The projector will be of course roof mounted and the model is INFOCUS screenplay 7205 which also supports 1080P,, it wont be atleast 2+ years before its up completely but when it is i will for sure take a photo and show it here....... (I also own another 50" tv but its a rear projection Hitachi so its standard def not full hd which i will still keep since they will be worth nothing so i may as well keep it, i actually used this before i got the LCD tv) So all in this setup you may see below the tv on the right is the almighty black XBOX360 ELITE with 120GB HARDDRIVE which has 1080P HDMI output and on the left of that is the cute little Nintendo Wii Wii above the ol' centre speaker which is all connected to my darling DENON AVR2000 amplifier with super clear digital dolby surround sound sitting there next to the LCD tv and on top of my amp is a PIONEER LASER-DISC player and on top of that is a DENON twin dolby tape deck and on top of that is a TOSHIBA HD-DVD player with 1080P HDMI output and on top of that is a BEYONWIZ twin HD tuner with 250GB internal harddrive and you can record 2 tv channels in HD at the same time while watching another movie and rewind live tv, even though my tv has a HD tuner built in i cant record unless i plug it into my pc but this way is better, the thing i like most about this HD tuner is that it has USB ports and memory card ports, on top of that i have a PIONEER DVD player which also has 1080P HDMI output for upscaling which also plays divx and a usb port for playing movies straight from a harddrive or flash drive etc and its multi-region due to the HD-DVD player being region coded for standard DVD's so now i can play anything i like tee hee, and on top is a 1TB Harddrive which is connected to the back USB port of my TWIN HD TUNER which is where i store all tv movies etc to its mostly full of music videos and movies that are all in DIVX format which upscales quite good so if it fills up which wont be for a while i just get another 1TB haha, the front speakers stands at 106cm in height............. Incase your interested in the power of my darling DENON system, well the volume goes up to 40 on the dial and around the 13 - 15 mark its about as loud as the cinema which also has better bass and treble with clearer sound so as you may know i dont go over 15 hahaha but since i have played HD DVD movies the sound has more depth and loudness so now i dont go over 9 or 10 to be as loud as the cinema, i have had neighbors a few houses down complaining there dishes were dancing, the surround sound on this is just perfect, but i will later upgrade to another DENON with HDMI inputs and with 7.1 surround, also you may or may not notice just under the right hand side of the tv you see a black wound up peice of cable well that plugs into my PSP to play games or anything on via component on the tv which is about 5mt long Also which is connected to the TV not pictured is also my pc which is a HP PAVILLION, DUAL CORE 2x 3.2GHZ, 4GB RAM, 160GB HARDDRIVE - INTERNAL (hardly used) / 250GB & 500GB EXTERNAL HARDDRIVES (maybe more later), 512MB RADEON GRAPHICS CARD WITH TV OUT, HD-TV TUNER AND RECORDER (FOR RECORDING LIVE TV TO THE HARDDRIVE), 2 18x DUAL LAYER DVD BURNERS, 12 USB PORTS, WIRELESS MICROSOFT KEYBOARD AND MOUSE and also wait for it yes the mouse pad... (wireless is the way to go cause you can surf the net or play games with the keyboard on your lap when its on the tv i even have a wireless remote to operate the pc for watching movies if need be.......anyway... in all its glory hope you like the photo....... Please leave your comments, im interested in anything you say, you can love it, or you can like it, or you can hate it, or you can point at it and laugh yourself silly, all comments welcome........ ( you can view the photo bigger too )
MCE bigass HDTV projector DIY project
MCE bigass HDTV projector DIY project
I liked the idea of filling a whole wall up with HDTV, so I built a projector screen and entertainment center from scratch. The screen is about 112 inches diagonal (9.3 feet). The screen material was economical, purchased from JoAnn Fabrics. It is white curtain "blackout" backing material and was bought for about $13.00. The white material hangs tight, stapled to a simple rectangular framework of furring strips. Then some flat black wooden baseboard trim was nailed over the edges of the screen. I think I invested about $42 in wood and fasteners for the screen portion. Imagine playing driving/racing games on this thing while seated 3-feet in front of it. It's a trip!

projector wireless remote
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