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Linksys Wireless 8 Port Router

linksys wireless 8 port router
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26 March 2010
26 March 2010
Right, so I'm one of the now-so-rich guys around here.. I've gotten most of this for free, though I paid 75 bucks for the monitors and 50 bucks for the two switches. I've also paid for the rig in the window. I'm using Synergy to use one set of mouse and keyboard on both computers at the same time. It works like a tri-screen setup, but I can't drag a window over to the other computer. Copy-paste is synced. So, the list: 2x19 inch monitors LG E500 laptop Compaq keyboard X7 something mouse 3com 10/100mbit 16 port switch 3com 10mbit 8 port switch Linksys WRT54GL wireless router Rig in the window: 24/7 HTTP/network hosting plus some F@H and eventual game servers. Asus ITX-220 mobo 1,2Ghz integrated CPU of some sort 320GB Samsung HDD 350W PSU Plus a completely silent fan to replace the noisy old one The rig on the floor: Dell piece of shit mobo 2Ghz P4 Northwood Radeon 9200SE @ 275/220
Light Shot 11/11/2008
Light Shot 11/11/2008
This is the current setup. I have yet to organize all of the cables as my first priority was functionality.

linksys wireless 8 port router
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