How To Get Good Wireless Connection : How Do I Get My Wireless Internet To Work.

How To Get Good Wireless Connection

how to get good wireless connection
    wireless connection
  • Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is wireless, and is commonly associated with a telecommunications network whose interconnections between nodes are implemented without the use of wires.
  • (Wireless Connections) Medium is the Earth's atmosphere, or space, and the signals are microwaves.
  • a type of Internet access that does not require any wires or cables and allows users to browse the Internet while traveling or outside of their home or office without having a physical connection. Often a password is required to connect to a wireless network.
    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.
  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic
  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • Providing detailed and practical advice
  • Well
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They Can't All Be Winners
They Can't All Be Winners
Day 55 of 365 (Year Two) Not much in the way of a sunset for tonight. Apparently the Island Gods are sad to see me go and the sky reflected that. It was clear all day long, but when it came time for me to head out and shoot the sunset, this showed up. It wasn't all bad though. I got some cool long exposure beach shots (note to self - get a filter so you don't have to wait for near darkness and get a circular polarizer). Those will probably have to wait till I return home. Anyway it was our last night here and I was going to the beach to shoot the sunset hour regardless of the blasted bad weather. I had the beach to myself and even with the cloud cover it was a nice experience. I did see one jogger but he ran on by with a quick hello and how do you do and then was gone. It is kind of nice having a beach all to yourself as far as they eye can see. It was a nice way to end the day and a vacation (although we still have most of tomorrow before we have to leave for the airport). We spent the day at Ding Darling Bird Reserve which was cool but left my poor camera feeling like the runt of the litter. There were 40D's, 1D's, 5D's and don't get me started on the lenses! Uggg! There was L glass everywhere and 500mm and 600mm lenses all around me. And then there I was with my little 300mm. One day is all I have to say. They are real serious about their gear down here. Even the guys who only do it as a hobby. All in all this was a great vacation. I'm not much of a "lets spend the day on the beach" kind of guy. Daytona doesn't have much appeal to me. I can do Ocean City for a fraction of the cost and be just as crowded and irritated with the hustle and bustle. This was peaceful and calm and quiet. The beaches were tranquil and clean. There were no large groups of rowdy drunks and college kids looking for scantily clad ladies. Then there were the dolphins and birds and gators and all the rest of the wildlife, and the fauna as well. We fit a lot into three days and I can't think of a single bad day. That to me is a successful vacation. It would have been nice to have internet access at the house, but I've grown quite attached to the Sanibel Bean parking lot in the middle of the night and the cops are so used to me now they don't even stop. I just wish the good folks at the Sanibel Bean would leave their satellite radio tuned to something other than light jazz. I'm really not a big jazz fan and they apparently leave it on 24/7 so I am hearing it the entire time I am sitting here. EDIT: I spoke too soon. Shortly after finishing up with the description a cop rolled in and gave me the third degree about why I was there. It wasn't the same officer as the first night and this guy really had no concept of wireless connections, the internet or how to access it. Once he found out that I was a temporary resident of the Island though, he left me alone. I wasn't breaking any laws and the Sanibel Bean does advertise their 24 hour access even though the shop itself is closed. I guess on the Island they don't really expect people to be sitting there at 2AM.
Upgrade Side View
Upgrade Side View
Side view of the new setup. The TV arm holds up to 165 pounds so more than enough to handle the Panasonic 54". The arm itself is hallow which allows for some wire management ease, however due to placement of the holes along it I was not able to completely hide everything. I was not completely happy with how much space is left between the wall and the TV but this was the best I could do without being able to safely mount it on the wall. I also decided to mount my Linksys wireless router on top of the arm which gets it higher up for better wireless strength instead of sitting down below with all the mess. Both the TV and Blu-Ray player have Ethernet connections for Panasonic's Vieracast which allows for access to YouTube, Amazon, Weather, Stocks from the TV or Blu-Ray player. It is also handy for firmware updates. Just click update from the menus and the devices will go out and download the updates for you, pretty convenient. Along with the mess of wires (which was horrible no matter how much I tried) I hid an APC UPS for the home theater PC. I also have a Motorola SB5120 cable modem hidden behind as well.

how to get good wireless connection
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