Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

bluetooth wireless audio transmitter
  • set used to broadcast radio or tv signals
  • vector: any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease; "mosquitos are vectors of malaria and yellow fever"; "fleas are vectors of the plague"; "aphids are transmitters of plant diseases"; "when medical scientists talk about vectors they are usually talking
  • A set of equipment used to generate and transmit electromagnetic waves carrying messages or signals, esp. those of radio or television
  • A person or thing that transmits something
  • sender: someone who transmits a message; "return to sender"
  • A standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of cellular phones, computers, and other electronic devices
  • An industrial specification for wireless personal area networks
  • A short-range radio build into smartphones that lets you connect headsets, speakerphones or even computers to your smartphone.
  • Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short wavelength radio transmissions) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • transmission by radio waves
  • the audible part of a transmitted signal; "they always raise the audio for commercials"
  • sound recording: a recording of acoustic signals
  • Sound, esp. when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced
  • an audible acoustic wave frequency

BlueLife Wireless System Bluetooth Headphones
BlueLife Wireless System Bluetooth Headphones
I'm really not a fan of this style headphone that wraps around the back of your head. The band always knocks on my lower neck seeming to force me to keep my head in a pad position. The Scosche sticker is embossed and it was falling off out of the box. I ended up just pulling it off. The setup as a whole was pretty common sense. It's rechargeable and just plugs into the wall via a cable that branch off: One to the headphones and the other to the transmitter. The transmitter plugs into mini audio jack or via the adapter, to any larger hifi audio jack so it's very universal. Don't get misled by all the ipod stuff. It'll work with virtually anything. I admit I don't have a trained audiophile eardrum so depending who you are that's a good or a bad thing. The audio quality is alright. I don't hear the hiss that's been talked about in another review (see the amazon page). In a word it's good enough but not incredible. I suspect that but bluetooth transmitter and reciever could be modded and placed in a pair of much nicer headphones. That would indeed rock.
Emley Moor TV Transmitter 7
Emley Moor TV Transmitter 7
The present tower opened in 1971 and is an elegant tapered concrete structure which is situated about half way between Huddersfield and Barnsley. This area of high ground is perfect for RF (Radio Frequency) transmission and both Holme Moss and Moorside Edge transmitters are visible (SW and WNW respectively) from the site. Emley Moors population coverage is the fourth highest of any UK transmitter at about 4 million people and its signals are received in many large towns/cities including Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Doncaster. Emley has fifty six small repeaters off it to its signal improve coverage. To many people Emley is iconic and fully deserving of the Grade 2 listed status it received in 2002. For most locations in South Yorkshire the transmitter is NW and on a clear day it can be seen from many high points in the city or from the M1.

bluetooth wireless audio transmitter
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