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Wireless Notebook Adapters

wireless notebook adapters
  • radio: medium for communication
  • transmission by radio waves
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • a small compact portable computer
  • a book with blank pages for recording notes or memoranda
  • A small book with blank or ruled pages for writing notes in
  • A portable computer that is smaller than a laptop
  • A notebook (also notepad, writing pad, drawing pad, legal pad, etc.) is a book, made of paper or a computer based program, of which various uses can be made, including writing, drawing, and scrapbooking.
  • A device for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be connected directly
  • A person who adapts a text to make it suitable for filming, broadcasting, or the stage
  • An adapter or adaptor is a person that adapts or a device that converts attributes of one device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system.
  • (adapter) arranger: a musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance
  • (adapter) device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible

Minha mesa
Minha mesa
Aqui temos a foto do meu MacBook e do notebook da minha tia, um do lado do outro para compararmos o tamanho. O MacBook eh bem menor, tem a tela de 13 polegadas, enquanto o notebook PC tem 15,4polegadas. Ambos sao widescreen e ambos tem webcam embutida. Ah sim.. e a mesa ta uma bagunca.. OBRIGADO PELA VISITA! Por favor, comente a foto. E se gostou, adicione aos seus favoritos no Flickr. (Inscreva-se gratuitamente no Flickr para poder comentar.) THANKS FOR THE VISIT! Please, comment the photo. And if you like it, add to your Flickr favorites. (You need to sign up for free to comment.)
What's in my bag these days...
What's in my bag these days...
And today I forgot my Moleskine, my leather pen case and Susana's Creative Zen Plus that usually I'm carrying. Out of home in a hurry... Also, the camera taking the photo is a Canon Powershot S50

wireless notebook adapters
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