Wireless card linux : Linksys wireless print server setup

Wireless Card Linux

wireless card linux
    wireless card
  • A wireless network interface controller (WNIC) is a network card which connects to a radio-based computer network, unlike a regular network interface controller (NIC) which connects to a wire-based network such as token ring or ethernet.
  • Linux (commonly in American English, also in Europe and Canada) refers to the family of Unix-like computer operating systems using the Linux kernel.
  • an open-source version of the UNIX operating system
  • The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a non-profit trade association, was created in 1982 as the Association of Better Computer Dealers, Inc. (ABCD) by representatives of five microcomputer dealerships.
  • An open-source version of the UNIX operating system

internals almost done
internals almost done
Well my laptop finaly crapped out on me so i decided it was time to get a totaly new pc. (never buy HP) I started with a Lian Li case, put in an Asus AI mobo, AMD Athelon 64 3800+, 1 gig corsair ram, 2- 250 gig Maxtor HDDs, GeForce 7300 LE 256mb (512mb turbocache), linksys wireless card, SB Audiagy sound card, and a NEC dvd burner. I had to RMA one of the drives as it was DOA and the wrong model.
Knoppix on my laptop
Knoppix on my laptop
Knoppix 3.4 after booting from the CD drive of my Packard Bell iGo4000 laptop. Pretty cool considering my wireless card was detected, sound worked , video ok - in fact I didnt need to configure anything - it just booted. Cool!

wireless card linux
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