Best Wireless Mice : How To Steal A Wireless Connection : 2.4 Ghz Wireless Joystick Keyboard.

Best Wireless Mice

best wireless mice
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Lite-On Completely Wireless Surfboard
Lite-On Completely Wireless Surfboard
I bought this board at Best Buy about 10 years or so ago. It is awesome. So you think this is nothing special. Wrong! It's a completely wireless keyboard/mouse all-in-one. It features a num lock that lets you keep your right hand number set and that gives you a shorter keyboard that lets you hold on to it easier. It also has a key feature that I have never seen on any wireless board. A joystick built in to the board that frees you from a mouse which frees you from your desk. On the right side of the board there is the stick and your left and right click mouse buttons. You just thumb it. To drag and drop, it has a locking button on the top right edge of the board. The underside of the board has raised grip areas that help you hold it in your hands while your kicking back in your chair. You can also stand clear across a room and it will still work. You won't be able to see what you're doing though. As you can tell I haven't cleaned it in awhile. I limit the cleanings to a minimum so as to not get more liquid on it than necessary. Looking at the big pic, I realize that it's really filthy. Maybe it's time for a cleaning. I've been looking to buy another one for years so I would have a replacement when this one bites the dust. I guess they don't exist anymore. If anyone knows where I can buy a new one, please contact me.
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my stuff :)
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best wireless mice
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