Wireless Slave Flash

wireless slave flash
    slave flash
  • In a camera, flash synchronization is defined as the firing of a photographic flash coinciding with the shutter admitting light to photographic film or electronic image sensor. It is often shortened to flash sync or flash synch.
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • transmission by radio waves
  • radio: medium for communication
  • Lacking or not requiring wires

Slave Flash
Slave Flash
Hurrah! I got paid a bonus in work for length of service. (10 years of misery). I was allowed to spend ?200 on Amazon. So I picked a 2nd Flash Gun - A Nissin Di866. I was a bit worried about compatability with my Metz 58. MY other concern was not having a second wireless trigger. So, I had a browse at the quick start diagram and learnt about the 'Slave' setting. Metz 58 on the wireless trigger, and the Nissin Di866 set to 'Slave' mode. I've never done it before. I held my breath.... fired the remote and.... POW!!! It worked. Double flash!!!! The big question, I guess, is what the hell am I doing with a load of kinky dress up gear in my wardrobe! SOOC (Straight Out of Camera) Strobist: Metz 58 @ 1/16 camera left balanced on fireplace. Cactus Wireless Trigger V.4. Nissin Di66 @ 1/16 set to Slave mode. Balanced on computer table camera right. Camera: F4.5. IS0200. 1/60, 50mm
4 Channel Radio Wireless Slave Flash Trigger
4 Channel Radio Wireless Slave Flash Trigger
This is generic brand wireless slave that I bought off eBay (Model No. RD604 & RF-604). I believe it's made by a company in China. It was rated at a sync of 1/250th of a second but it seems to work better at 1/125th. I don't know if the battery I put in it was low but I saw the curtain on about 1/4 of my photo when I used 1/250. I have a large softbox & sometimes it would not trigger when I was near the front of the softbox. If you buy one of these, do not leave the battery in it. It just seems that the unit drains the battery faster when its left inside. It comes with an 1/8" plug connector for the jack so you can use it on most strobes.

wireless slave flash
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