Piece Stainless Cookware. Pressure Cooker Brisket Recipe. Easy Bake Cookbook.

Piece Stainless Cookware

piece stainless cookware
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Centralized Cookware.
Centralized Cookware.
This shot reflects 26 years of cookware. The large stockpot on the top shelf, and all the pans on the bottom shelf are Cuisinart Cookware that I bought in 1983 at Bloomingdales when it came to Dallas. The LeCrueset enameled Cast Iron pieces I use for braising or slow cooking and are heavy but they are best for soups etc. The hanging pots and the other two on the top shelf are my new All-Clad Cookware that I really like the best of all. The Cusinart cookware has a copper core sandwich in the bottom, which is good, but the copper extends up the sides in the All-Clad. Very even heating and worth every penny. Also pictured is my iTouchless trash can that opens automatically when you approach it. I don't like touching a trash can when I cook. Unfortunately my guests don't like it, as it snaps at their rear ends when they walk by. I have to turn it off when company comes!
Pieces of energy
Pieces of energy
Pieces of energy. From the StatoilHydro art collection. 320 pages book designed by Martin Kvamme/Halvor Bodin & Visual Design, Statoil Hydro. Editors: Jens R. Jenssen and Bjarne Vaga. Photographed by Observatoriet.

piece stainless cookware
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