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Mt Cook Scenic Flights

mt cook scenic flights
    scenic flights
  • If you simply want to see the Willamette Valley and some of the surrounding area we can fly scenic flights within a 25 mile radius of Creswell.
    mt cook
  • Aoraki/Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching a height of .

Aoraki Mt Cook|South Island|New Zealand
Aoraki Mt Cook|South Island|New Zealand
At 3754 metres height, Aoraki Mt Cook is the most spectacular mountain in the Southern Alps and the tallest in New Zealand. Aoraki in Maori means cloud piercer. Sir Edmund Hillary trained in the rugged peaks of Mt Cook before he went on to conquer Mt Everest. Some interesting activities include Tasman Glacier walk, Hermitage Planetarium, Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, the world heritage status of Aoraki Mt Cook National Park,walking trails,scenic flights,fly-in skiing,heli-hiking,kayaking,snowboarding and mountain climbing.
Camera Settings 1/800 f10 f/l 65mm Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching a height of 3,754 metres (12,316 ft). It lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range which runs the length of the South Island. A popular tourist destination, it is also a favourite challenge for mountain climbers. Mount Cook consists of three summits lying slightly south and east of the main divide, the Low Peak, Middle Peak and High Peak, with the Tasman Glacier to the east and the Hooker Glacier to the west.

mt cook scenic flights
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