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Big Cook Little Cook Videos

big cook little cook videos
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My Most Precious Item
My Most Precious Item
Talofa lava, malo elelei ,Kia orana and welcome to my visual mihimihi.Hi my name is Helen and I am in the extension group.In extension we do heaps of fun and interesting things. Like confrencing with other schools around the world and going on garage band and recording some music and uploading it. What I like about NZ and why it is important to me.Is that we have good education and that we get along with each other.It is important to me because it is my home land and I know my way around here. What I am looking forward to doing in rock our world or R.O.W. I am looking forward to going on garage band recording music and uploading it also video conferencing like I said up there with other schools around the world. It's pretty neat and fun because you ask questions and they answer back.So we take each turns at asking quetions. We have been doing recipes on rice,banana,patatoes,our favourite recipe from our culture and a kiwi dish.I did pretty well because I got it all completed on time. Well I'm sad to say that R.O.W. is coming to an end.What I have learnt about that is good use to me. Is that I know how to do things that I haven't learnt before like using google earth,adding a place mark,doing tours and finding our restaaunt. What I am looking forward to? I am looking forward to getting to cook more recipes from other peolpe in the extension group and getting along with everyone. What I enjoy was having fun with all of my friends getting to have homework and finding recipes.
Making Pankegg
Making Pankegg
This is one of those times. After watching a particularly good episode of my favorite (now ended) video blog The Show With ZeFrank, I knew my life would never be satisfying until I followed the instructions he gave me (watch til the end): “Put a little oil in the pan, but make sure you add some butter. That’s where the flavor is. Coat it, and then pour yourself a nice, big pancake. Now watch it. See those tiny little holes? Those are bonding holes, and they have a purpose. As soon as you see enough bonding holes, pick the pancake up and crack an egg under it…” This mad scientist creation is called a Pankegg, and it is delicious. Over the weekend, my ladyfriend and I spent some time in the kitchen, putting Ze’s recipe into action. Cooking the Pankeggs was harder than I thought it’d be, mainly because juggling a half-cooked pancake on a spatula while you crack open an egg is no easy task. Attaining the “oozy, oozy middle” referred to by Ze also took some trial-and-error; twice I cooked the egg too much and was left with a yummy–but dry–Frankenstein’s monster.

big cook little cook videos
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