Big Cook Little Cook Game

big cook little cook game
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Fish and game club squirrel hunt
Fish and game club squirrel hunt
Aa few weeks ago I was called by Joe Bolton one of the officials of the Dewy Lake Fish & Game club and asked if I could bring a squirrel dog over to their annual squirrel hunt for the youth. I gave them a little talk about caring for and raising the pup and then training him to be a squirrel dog. dewey-lake-5.jpg Joe said the club was going to trap a wild squirrel and turn it loose so the kids could see a squirrel dog tree a squirrel. I told him I would be glad to show the kids one of my dogs. dewey-lake2.jpg They wanted to take the squirrel out in a grassy field and cut it loose and watch Taz tree it. Well that was almost a mistake for the fox squirrel because when he got to the trees I cut Taz loose. The squirrel decided not to go up the 1st trees and Taz had him in his mouth but loosed him and he climbed a big beech tree and Taz treed him. deweylake-4.jpg dewey-lake-3.jpg This was a great event the club had for the kids. The club cooked dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday morning and another big dinner Saturday afternoon for well over 300 people. After dinner Saturday They had a raffle and gave away 14 shotguns, bunches of rods and reels, knives and bunches of other fishing and hunting gear. Every kid got a ticket and every kid won something.. Not sure how many kids were there this year but last year there were 160 kids showed up for the event. dewey-lake1.jpg Saturday morning there was 43 kids participated in the squirrel hunt " still hunting" and they brought in 43 squirrels. I tell you the Dewey Lake Fish & Game club goes all out for the kids.
Cake .
Cake .
Just one more i like from the set. I'mma make the ones with strawberries again next time. Baby is sleeping by his grandma tonight, i miss him bad, he played a lot with a game i bought him today he was to put the shapes into the right boxes, he mostly gets wrong and then gets frustrated lol but he's very into it and sure he's gonna learn quickly. He's so stubborn he drives me crazy but i miss him so much when he is not with me (almost never lol). Night -------------------------------------------- © | do not use without permission. * no big icons/images & copy and paste comments, thank you :)

big cook little cook game
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