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Good Cleaning Music

good cleaning music
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  • Well

Mosh Pit
Mosh Pit
Big Day Out Music Festival - Sydney, Australia. January 2007. For the sake of getting some interesting photos I ventured into the front line during a performance by US Heavy Metal band Trivium at an outdoor summer music festival. Everyone was really enjoying letting off steam and having a great time - and afterwards total strangers, guys (and a few girls) of various ages, races and colours had enjoyed another great moment of Aussie mateship together. Not for everyone but fun all the same.
A Better, Cleaner Timelord Shot
A Better, Cleaner Timelord Shot
I had to keep stitching in the singer because the fifty kept missing her. It was a good thing since the lighting was so uneven there. What you see on the right is one of the biggest benefits of using Bulb setting. I got some relatively clean and bright shots with it using nothing but a steady hand and a timing to catch when the musicians were ready to throw down their beats.

good cleaning music
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