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Professional Kitchen Cleaning

professional kitchen cleaning
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professional kitchen cleaning - iRobot Roomba
iRobot Roomba Pro Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum
iRobot Roomba Pro Intelligent Floorvac Robotic Vacuum
An intelligent vacuum that uses robotic technology to deliver barefoot-clean floors in-between more thorough cleanings, iRobot’s Roomba Pro follows in the footsteps of the original model (the first automatic vacuum available in the U.S.). But it also adds some great new features, including Spot Clean. Selecting this option sets the Roomba Pro spiraling around a small area up to three feet wide, great for cleaning up dry spills or extra dirt. Thirteen inches in diameter and lighter than your average bowling ball, this innovative vacuum will roam a room devouring dust, dirt, pet hair, and tidbits left behind from everyday living.
Setting up the Roomba Pro for its first sashay through the living room is fairly easy. First, the battery needs charging for at least 12 hours before its maiden voyage; simply plug the AC adapter into any outlet and it will shut off automatically when fully charged. After that, the indicator light’s different colors will show the battery’s charge status. The Roomba Pro can clean two to three medium sized rooms on one charge, approximately 60 to 90 minutes, depending on floor surface. Although it may look more like a Frisbee than a vacuum, the Roomba Pro cleans carpet, wood, linoleum, and tile, transitioning smoothly between those surfaces. It even senses and avoids stairs, and glides easily under beds.
Next, remove any clothing, papers, cords, and fragile items from the floor. You may choose to set up one or both of the fist-sized Virtual Wall units, which emit a beam to redirect the Roomba Pro, keeping it out of unwanted areas. Set the Roomba Pro in the center of the room, and press the green power button to turn it on. Then select the corresponding button for a small (10 by 12 feet), medium (14 by 16 feet), or large (15 by 20 feet) room. The Roomba Pro plays a few musical notes of greeting, then begins moving.
When the Roomba Pro starts cleaning, it travels around the floor in a spiral pattern. When its non-marring bumper touches a wall, the Roomba Pro follows the wall for a short time, then crosses the room in straight lines. It repeats this pattern until its cleaning time has elapsed, providing maximum cleaning coverage.
The Roomba Pro’s breakthrough three-stage cleaning system uses side brushes, two main counter-rotating brushes, and a high-efficiency squeegee to pick up everything from fine to large particles. The particle bin removes for emptying. The unit comes with an easy-to-follow manual and two replacement filters. Additional Virtual Wall units, battery packs, and a rapid charger can be purchased separately. Two D batteries (not included) are required for each Virtual Wall. The Roomba Pro is covered by a 180-day parts and labor warranty. --Rhonda Langdon

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Perfect Housewive Carole - Amsterdam
Perfect Housewive Carole - Amsterdam
She is a Perfect Housewife: three children all very intelligent, very handsom husband, full-time job, always a clean kitchen. And: very nice
All that Jazz Housewive Cora - Amsterdam
All that Jazz Housewive Cora - Amsterdam
She is into Jazz-Music, plays the saxophone extremely well, and is not into keeping the house clean. Art and music are more important

professional kitchen cleaning
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