Eat Clean Food

eat clean food
    clean food
  • At first, I assumed this referred to foods going above and beyond the organic standard. While this is true – “clean foods” are more organic than USDA’s organic definition can ensure – there is also a local/in-season element to them.
  • Have a meal in a restaurant
  • Have (a meal)
  • Put (food) into the mouth and chew and swallow it
  • eat a meal; take a meal; "We did not eat until 10 P.M. because there were so many phone calls"; "I didn't eat yet, so I gladly accept your invitation"
  • feed: take in food; used of animals only; "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat"; "What do whales eat?"
  • take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
eat clean food - Tosca Reno's
Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook: Delicious Recipes That Will Burn Fat and Re-Shape Your Body!
Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook: Delicious Recipes That Will Burn Fat and Re-Shape Your Body!
With simple-to-prepare yet exotic and delicious recipes such as Moroccan Pumpkin Soup and Roasted Bison Tenderloin with Apple Butter Sauce, Tosca shows us that eating clean can be as delicious and stimulating to the palate as it is satisfying and beneficial. She teases your tastebuds and challenges your preconceptions, but she also understands that time is a precious commodity, so her recipes are easy to prepare. Get: Over 150 delicious recipes, each with a gorgeous, mouth-watering full-page photo by renowned food photographer Donna Griffith; The finest foods the world has to offer, with simple instructions for preparation; Inspiring lifestyle photographs of Tosca; Tips, tricks, advice and information for those new to the art of cooking.

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...but why WOULD you?
...but why WOULD you?
My floor may well be clean enough to eat from, but you won't catch me behaving like this. (I saw a rather grotesque Lysol commercial a few days ago, where someone was wiping a piece of chicken over their kitchen surfaces, and then a voice-over said "If you're not using EXTRA-SUPER GERM-SPANKING ULTRA LYSOL SPRAY, you might as well be doing this!" Crazy, grinning floor-diners can't be too far behind.)
Washing an Orange before eating
Washing an Orange before eating
My girlfriend cleaned an orange before eating it because if not cleaned properly, she could catch a food related sickness. Pesticides are often used on fruits to kill any bugs or other organisms that are on it but if not cleaned properly, the food could become poisonous to the human body. By cleaning the fruit, she removes any pesticides or bad bacteria left on the fruit and makes it safe to eat.

eat clean food
eat clean food
The Eat-Clean Diet for Men: Your Ironclad Plan for a Lean Physique!
With the huge popularity of the Eat-Clean Diet among North American women, the question kept arising: Is Eating Clean okay for men? It may seem a silly question--after all, a healthy diet should be appropriate for anyone, right? But the question is in no way silly. Most diets don't work for men because men don't eat the way women do. Men don't like to go hungry, they don't like to live on salads, they don't like excluding food groups and they don't like counting calories.The Eat-Clean Diet for Men allows men to lose weight and get healthy while freeing them from all those dieting evils!

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