Cleaning Home Office

cleaning home office
    home office
  • The British government department dealing with domestic affairs, including law and order, immigration, and broadcasting, in England and Wales
  • the government department in charge of domestic affairs
  • headquarters: (usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise; "many companies have their headquarters in New York"
  • The Home Office is the United Kingdom government department responsible for immigration control, security and order. As such it is responsible for the police, United Kingdom Borders Agency and MI5.
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
  • the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • (clean) free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
cleaning home office - I Hate
I Hate Filing: Everything You Need to Get Organized for Success and Sanity at Home, on the Run and in the Office
I Hate Filing: Everything You Need to Get Organized for Success and Sanity at Home, on the Run and in the Office
Does your inbox over-flow'eth?
Let's face it—most of us don’t like filing, and we really don't like rethinking our organizational methods (or lack there of). Most of us are stuck in a rut, be it a constantly messy desk, a workspace that always feels too cramped and cluttered or a persistent queasiness when faced with organizing an event at work, running an efficient home office or even sorting the mail, let alone our dresser drawers. Filing, it seems, is a metaphor for all the little things we don’t want to bother with.
Finally—there's someone we can count on!
Sharon Mann is a fun-loving but practical figure for those swamped by work and life. Known for her informative wisdom and sassy sense of humor, her I Hate Filing Club has thousands of members who look to her to take organization past the drab, boring details, giving this so-called chore some sparkle and pizzazz.

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Home Office Project -- Office 1 --02.29.2008
Home Office Project -- Office 1 --02.29.2008
So, over the past two days I've listened to Peter Walsh's books, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?: An Easy Plan for Losing Weight and Living More and It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff, and I'm feeling a bit panicked by trying to cram my old office into my new (smaller space). I'm going to work on de-crappifying the place a little this weekend, so I thought I would post some "Before" pics. I just hope there are some "After" pics. (If there are, I'll some the shots of the progress Sunday evening when I get a chance. Wish me luck.
Home office from hell
Home office from hell
I'm trying to get some work done from home, these days. The plan was to work a day or two a week in a homely atmosphere to cut down on stress and get some home stuff done while working. Sometimes, someone else posts a picture from their clean home office. This is not one of them. This is a mess. I'm posting it so that someday when I grow up, I can compare... Where did that maid go...?

cleaning home office
cleaning home office
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Veteran writer, author, and homemaker Jenny Schroedel is the monthly columnist for In addition to countless articles on home organization, her work also explores the spiritual, emotional, and financial dimensions of homemaking. She lives in Chicago, IL.

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