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Clean Registry Files

clean registry files
    registry files
  • These files were created for aliens who arrived before 1924, when no arrival record could be found. Registry files contain a certificate of registry, proof of residence, and employment records. These files, dated 1929-1944, can be obtained from the USCIS Genealogy Program.
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead
  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
clean registry files - Cleaning Windows
Cleaning Windows XP For Dummies
Cleaning Windows XP For Dummies
This wide-ranging guide helps ordinary users fight back against Windows slowdowns, glitches, and annoyances
Windows is the world's dominant desktop operating system, with 93.8 percent of the market as of 2002
Packed with savvy tips for decluttering a system, speeding up access to programs and data, customizing the interface, rooting out resource hogs, tuning up e-mail and Web browser performance, protecting against viruses, and more
Focuses on Windows XP and covers the new Service Pack 2, but many techniques are applicable to older Windows versions

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Waddy Wood
Waddy Wood
Home of architect Waddy Wood @ 2019 Q St. NW Waddy Butler Wood (1869 - January 25, 1944) was a prominent Washington, DC based American architect of the early 20th century. Although Wood designed and remodeled numerous private residences, his reputation rested primarily on his larger commissions, such as banks, commercial offices, and government buildings. His most famous works include the Woodrow Wilson House and the Department of the Interior headquarters building. Early life and education Waddy Wood was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1869 to Capt. Charles Wood, a Virginian who had relocated west to seek better opportunities. His family returned to Virginia shortly after he was born. He grew up on the family estate, Spring Hill Farm (itself on the National Register of Historic Places), in Ivy, Gloucester County, Virginia. He eventually attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute for his advanced education. Early career In 1892 he entered the occupation of architecture working in Washington, DC. His first important commisions were on two streetcar barns. The first in 1896 was the East Capitol Street Car Barn, which he helped to design with engineer A.N. Connett, for the Metropolitan Railroad. Then in 1897 he designed the Georgetown Car Barn, then known as Union Station, for Capital Traction. The Georgetown Car Barn, incidentally, is best known for the famous "Exorcist Stairs" along the west side. He then designed several homes in what was then Kalorama Heights (now Adams Morgan). During this early period he worked with several other architects including Theodore Fredrich Laist, Edward Donn, Jr. and William I. Deming. Wood, Donn & Deming In 1902 he began an association with Edward Donn and William Deming, forming the firm of Wood, Donn and Deming. The firm was highly successful in Washington, DC providing services to various branches of government. Their designs can be found throughout the United States, including the expansion of the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. They also had a strong residential client base designing houses for prominent citizens such as Mrs. Phil Sheridan, General Charles Lane Fitzhugh and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet; as well as public residences such as the Bachelor Apartment House near the White House. In 1906 Wood, Donn & Deming became the first D.C. architecture firm to design a bank high-rise in Washington when they designed the Union Trust building. National Savings & Trust, Riggs, American Security & Trust and the National Metropolitan Bank had each retained nationally renowned architects. D.C. architects were "only entrusted with branch banks and additions" until "Union Trust interrupted this trend by choosing Waddy Wood's firm of Wood, Donn & Deming" to design its headquarters at 15th and H streets, according to Commercial National's files in the National Register of Historic Places. Wood's work for Union Trust and later, on his own on the Commercial National Bank Building, the National Register files note, "represents a coming of age of the local architectural profession, particularly since both designs were published in national architectural journals." National Museum of Women in the ArtsWood's partnership with Donn and Deming is best known for the firm's work in 1907 on the Masonic temple at 13th Street and New York Avenue NW, now the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The 69,000-square-foot building, a specimen of neo-Renaissance and Renaissance Revival styles, was declared a D.C. historic landmark in 1984 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. The building originally housed professional offices, the George Washington University law library and a movie theater in addition to the Masonic lodge hall. The exterior has never been altered substantially. As the Temple Association envisioned, the building's location at the tip of a wedge-shaped block provides an aesthetic buffer zone which "permits of no future building being erected sufficiently near to mar [the Temple's] monumental effect ... ." Despite the successes of Wood, Donn and Deming, the firm was dissolved in 1912, and Wood opened his own practice. Personal Practice The Woodrow Wilson House built in 1915 by architect Waddy Wood, the house is a fine example of the Georgian revival style. Waddy Wood's most famous buildings were created after he left Wood, Donn & Deming. In 1915 he built a home for Henry Parker Fairbanks, which was purchased by Woodrow Wilson in 1920 and became the Woodrow Wilson House (or the Fairbanks-Wilson house). As his reputation grew, his client list became quite prominent. In addition to President Wilson, he desinged a home for Howe P. Corcoran and remodeled the interior of Senator Oscar Underwood's home in Fairfax County - Woodlawn, a home originally designed by William Thornton, which Wood had worked on previously during his association with Donn and Deming. In the late
AVG Tweak Manager - Event Logging
AVG Tweak Manager - Event Logging
Control the level of details of startup and shutdown system messages and messages recorded in the logon events log. Most of the actions on your computer are recorded in a log file. Backup copies of the log files are also kept on your hard drive. Therefore, logging can potentially slow down your PC and take additional disk space.

clean registry files
clean registry files
WinCleaner One-Click (Up to 3 Users)
Business Logic 2227431 WinCleaner 1-Click Promarket is the leading Registry Cleaner, it safely cleans, repairs, and optimizes the Windows Registry to remove errors and improve your PC's performance.

End PC slowdown with just one click. Browse faster, start smoother, improve your privacy and free up disk space... by taking out your digital garbage. Clear away the clutter and get more from your PC.
Your computer is more than just a tool--it's a part of your life.
Your computer holds a lot of your life. Your music, your photos, your business records and your various social networks. That's why you can't trust just any PC maintenance product on the Internet. After nearly a decade of research and millions of PCs cleaned, WinCleaner is the most trusted name in PC maintenance software. WinCleaner OneClick will help keep your PC working optimally so you can experience that "as good as new" feeling every time you use your PC.
Keep Your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free.

Protect your privacy and improve overall PC performance.

Optimize your Windows registry.
Your PC needs to be cleaned. WinCleaner does it for you in just One-Click.
It happens every time you visit a Web page. Your computer picks up an image here, a cookie there. In no time at all you've got thousands of files cluttering your hard drive, making your PC sluggish and slow to perform. More importantly, this clutter threatens your privacy by leaving a record of the websites you've visited. It's a big risk to take when WinCleaner OneClick can put your mind at ease with just a simple click!
Did you know that as you use your computer, the heart of Windows--the Registry--gets cluttered and interferes with your PC's performance? WinCleaner OneClick's market leading Registry Cleaner safely cleans, repairs and optimizes the Windows Registry to remove errors and improve your PC's performace so you can get back to doing what matters to you most! All of this--automatically--with the click of a button.

WinCleaner OneClick digs out and deletes all of those unwanted, unseen records.
Here are the benefits of a WinCleaner tuned PC:
Restored Power and Stability
Accelerated System Startup times
Valuable hard drive space is recovered
Your privacy is protected
Improved overall PC performance
Best value for your time and money
You don't need to buy, learn and use separate programs to do the dozen or more PC maintenance chores that WinCleaner OneClick does automatically!

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