Best way to clean a house. How to start a cleaning business for free.

Best Way To Clean A House

best way to clean a house
    best way
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best way to clean a house - 101 Ways
101 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter
101 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter
Home management expert and bestselling author Emilie Barnes comes to the aid of every clutter keeper with 101 simple ideas to rid rooms of piles, stacks, and disarray. Readers will rediscover space and peace in their home as they
stop making excuses for the useless items they keep
eliminate junk mail before it junks up a drawer
take back control over “stuff” and taste freedom
subtract an item before adding an item
reap the rewards of prioritizing time and space
Better than a how–to show, this compact resource can go anywhere a reader needs a little encouragement and lots of tips to transform clutter to cleaner at home, a friend’s house, church, or the office.

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114/365 attack (bugs are evil, and i can be too..)
114/365  attack (bugs are evil, and i can be too..)
4/24/09 clean house. this morning, i woke up with an itch... i discovered a small black insect on my arm. was it a flea?! i quickly jumped out of bed, ripped off the sheets, and began to investigate... I couldn't find any fleas on my little dog, but continued in kicking him out of the room! where else could it have come from? "i think i'll give him a flea bath," thought i. after i said my morning prayer, i continued to the dresser where i would pick out the days clothing, and proceed to the shower. to my HORROR, i discovered a few dead ants on top of my dresser! curiousity sets in, and i look around to see if there are anymore... and that's when i saw it.... hundreds.. maybe thousands of dead ants all over my window sill!! it was like a nightmare come true. the rest of my morning was spent cleaning everything in the bedroom, including window sills, dusting dressers, pictures, jewelry boxes, the TV set, vacuuming the carpet, etc. then finally, i was able to take my shower! ::sigh:: lastnight, i had what i like to call a "Tamara Tantrum" in all of it's raging glory! my poor dog, my poor husband, and i were all scared of what i was going to do next. i can't tell you exactly what on earth happened.. but it happened! i had to ask God to help me sort out my brain, to give me answers.. to keep me from harming myself or my belongings. billy suggests xanax.. i suggest that he shove that thought up his nose! i don't need xanax, i need to deal with things on my own! i need to get a grip on my life, and figure this out by myself! i need someone to understand what i'm talking about when i am rambling, to listen, but not to judge me. i need focus.. i need to love myself. i feel really stupid revealing this on my flickr blog, but this is turning out to be more like a diary.. only with pictures this time. :) unfortunately, my hands cramp up anytime i try to write things down.. so this is the best way i can get things off of my chest. and maybe, just maybe somebody out there knows what i'm saying. i love my husband, i love my life, i love everything that i've been blessed with, that i don't deserve. i feel just plain evil sometimes.
RIAD DAR NAJAT&RIAD BAB MARRAKECH..the COOLEST RIADS?for sure! We got to the Medina just as it was getting dark and followed our friendly taxi driver into a crowded street. It was like some strange rush hour. Masses of moving people, but mixed with donkey carts, push barrows, weaving bicycles and buzzing mopeds. Deeper and deeper into the heart of the old city and my senses were working overtime, so much to see, so much to hear, so much to smell, and, whoops, 'Pardonnez moi', so much to avoid. We suddenly turned down a quiet back lane and found ourselves at Dar Najat. A lovely warm welcome, and then the beautiful courtyard and... It's so quiet. I felt my worries melt away. Our room was delightful, little alcoves set into the walls, tastefully lit and decorated, and as I later found out, with a comfortable bed, and cleaned and tidied every day. During a welcoming mint tea, the owner Olivier, kindly enthused us with the delights of Marrakesh, and as he explained about the wonders of the Call to Prayer, it suddenly started... Totally amazing! As was the evening meal of vegetable tagine. And breakfast on the sun drenched roof terrace is a perfect way to greet the day. Dar Najat is a wonderful oasis of peace, yet so close to the lively hub of the old Medina. The staff are happy and helpful at all times and our stay in Marrakesh was enhanced to a magical level because of the unseen hard work that undoubtedly goes into the creation of such a wonderful place. Dar Najat, my soul thanks you

best way to clean a house
best way to clean a house
Good Housekeeping The Complete Household Handbook, Revised Edition: The Best Ways to Clean, Maintain & Organize Your Home
For more than 100 years, the professionals at The Good Housekeeping Research Institute have helped Good Housekeeping readers keep their homes in top shape. That’s why the original edition of The Complete Household Handbook offered the best home advice available, on everything from cleaning a floor to fixing a leaky gutter. Now, this stunningly comprehensive volume includes an expanded section on keeping your yard looking great and a new chapter on car care, along with revised information, sidebars, illustrations, and boxed features throughout. Such diverse topics as fixing a driveway, cell phone safety, battery disposal, cleaning collectibles, and busting kitchen clutter are all added or updated. Every page contains ingenious, practical, and simple-to-implement advice.
No one’s home should be without it!

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