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wellness shower filters
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  • (Shower Filter) Shower filters are designed to remove chlorine from shower water. As our largest organ is our skin, and as the body can absorb as much chlorine from a 5 minute shower, as from drinking eight glasses of chlorinated water, shower filters are recommended when there isn’t a point of
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wellness shower filters - Wellness Direct
Wellness Direct Replacement "Natural Shower" Shower Filter
Wellness Direct Replacement "Natural Shower" Shower Filter
Those of you who know quality are familiar with the Wellness Shower Filter. Unfortunately the company went out of business and many were left searching for the rare Wellness Filter. Now you can get the same great filtration. This filter is built by the same facility that built the Wellness Shower Filter. In fact, the filtration, backwash feature, showerhead, and design are the same. The main difference is that this shower filter does not contain the Wellness enhancement media which added stabilized antioxidants and imparted other beneficial characteristics to the water. This filter has the very high grade filtration that preceded the enhancement media in the Wellness Filter, so you know you're getting the best system available. In fact, this is one of very few shower filters that are NSF certified, and it outperforms all others on the market. Also, due to the unique backwashing feature each cartridge is rated to remove over 90% of chlorine for a full year. You get all of this for a price comparable to far less effective systems that require frequent cartridge changes. Our filter will dramatically reduce the harsh chemicals in city water, and eliminate problems such as itchy skin and lethargy caused by the chemicals in your water. Try the new Naturally Filtered Shower Filter today!

89% (11)
Wellness & technology
Wellness & technology
La wellness-room che vi propone il nostro designer, e stata realizzata in un ampio seminterrato dove il colore predominante e il bianco e la luce fa da protagonista. Due gli ambienti di cui si compone, uno tecnologico e multi funzionale, l’altro appartato ed elegante.
Wellness boomt!
Wellness boomt!
Geschaftsfuhrer Wellness-Hotels Deutschland Michael Altewischer (links) und beauty24 Geschaftsfuhrer Roland Fricke (rechts) haben gut Lachen!

wellness shower filters
wellness shower filters
Naturally Filtered Shower Filter Cartridge (Compatible with Wellness Filter)
The Natural Shower is the best performing NSF Certified shower filter on the market. Most shower filters reduce less than 90% of Chlorine initially, and quickly drop off to 50 - 60% reduction. That's leaving half the Chlorine in your water! Even at the end of its cartridge life the Natural Shower continues to reduce more than 89% of Chlorine. The Natural Shower also offers industry leading performance in sediment heavy waters. The patented KDF chamber was designed in collaboration with KDF Labs and allows the Natural Shower to perform in problem water areas where other showers clog up in days or weeks. The Naturally Filtered Shower Filter also utilizes a unique backwashing feature which can dramatically extend the life of your cartridge. Those familiar with the Wellness Filter will recognize this system right away, as the design and filtration are the same. They are built by the same people that made the Wellness Filter. The cartridge is white rather than black in the Wellness Filter, and it's a bit shorter due to the lack of Wellness Enhancement media. The filtration is exactly the same even though Wellness claimed a two year cartridge change vs the recommended one year for the Naturally Filtered version (the enhancement media was expensive, so they recommended keeping the cartridge longer). Though the cartridge will fit the Wellness Filter, we recommend buying a new matching Naturally Filtered unit.

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