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watch finding bliss online
    finding bliss
  • Finding Bliss is a 2010 romantic comedy film written and directed by filmmaker Julie Davis (Amy's Orgasm). Finding Bliss explores the adult film industry through the eyes of an idealistic 24 year-old film school grad, Jody Balaban (played by Leelee Sobieski).
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253/365 Excited Anticipation
253/365 Excited Anticipation
So, I've been missing, like really missing. My online presence in so many arenas has disappeared to zero. This is good, bad and ugly in so many ways. The bad and the ugly are that I simply put my camera down a month ago, and I have only now picked it up to get going again on my 365. Though this is unfortunate, it simply is life. I had a friend finish her 365, and when she was commenting her final photo she said people asked her how much time she spent on her 365, and she would reply, "all of it." this is the truth. With kids and animals and a house to take care of, I spend ALL of my spare time working on photo. I may not produce the best manipulated photos or even the best photos, but the goal here was to become a better photographer, and that simply comes from picking up the camera day after day and making a photograph. So, yes I've taken a month off, it's not the most ideal situation, but it's life, and I'm here to make me some lemonade. The good news is that I wasn't sitting on my bum eating ice cream and watching Oprah (though I did eat a good bit of ice cream). We've been in the middle of a HUGE life transition this year. It really started in June when we started house hunting and we listed our house on the market. After a LOT of blood, sweat and tears, we found the perfect little farm and we've moved. It didn't stop at the move though. We've been working non-stop making improvements and repairs here and there before the cold, cold winter sets in on us. So, that's why my camera has been resting on the kitchen counter and I have been absent. The good news is that I was also behind posting photos, so I have 95 photos to post over the next month while I restart my project here. So that's the good, bad and ugly from me, but from where I'm standing, it's all just pure bliss.
Finding Bliss movie poster
Finding Bliss movie poster
Finding Bliss movie poster

watch finding bliss online
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