Enjoy many interesting things in Vietnam with your friends, or family, why not? You’ll have a chance to experience new interesting cultures, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, visit a lot of beautiful landscapes, and try various tasty foods. Now, let’s check out some deluxe Vietnam group tours you can enjoy. 

1. Vietnam Northwest tour

  • Time: 5 days 4 nights.
  • Price: $200.
  • Transportation: Bus.
  • Itinerary: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Dong Van - Lung Cu - Ban Gioc Waterfall - Ba Be Lake.

Ha Giang is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North Vietnam, especially for an interesting group tour in Vietnam, with a lot of beautiful tourist sites and many interesting attractions. Visiting this province, you’ll have a chance to explore the headland of the country, visit many beautiful landscapes and historical relics, or listen to various interesting stories about the local life or Vietnamese history.

Image Ha Giang – the fairyland in spring

Besides, this Vietnam group tour package also brings you to Cao Bang and Bac Can – two other famous provinces of Vietnam, and many attractive tourist sites, such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave, Ba Be Lake or Pac Bo Cave, etc. With this tour, you’ll have a memorable trip to the North Vietnam group tours.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Tp. Hà Giang

2.    Phu Quoc Tour: Explore the Pearl Island of Vietnam

  • Time: 4 days 3 nights.
  • Price: $308.
  • Transportation: Airplane & Bus.
  • Itinerary: Hanoi - Phu Quoc – Vinpearl Land – Hanoi.

Phu Quoc Island, also known as the Pearl Island, is the largest island in Vietnam and largest one in the group of 26 islands in this province with the total area of over 590 square meters. It’s located in Thailand Bay, a large and beautiful bay in South East Asia, so, it’s an ideal destination for a wonderful summer vacation in Vietnam.

Maldives of Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island is famous for not only picturesque pristine beaches with long white sandbank and blue crystal-clear water but also unlimited green of fresh unspoiled forests. With this deluxe Vietnam group tour, you can try a lot of tasty local dishes, especially fresh and delicious seafood, which will deeply impress you.

Phu Quoc summer vacation

Phú Quốc

3.    Da Nang tour: Visit the most worth-living city in Vietnam

  • Time: 4 days 3 nights.
  • Price: $229.
  • Transportation: Airplane & Bus
  • Itinerary: Hanoi - Da Nang - Hoi An ancient town - Ba Na - Da Nang – Hanoi

Let’s come and explore the most exciting things in Da Nang – the most worth-living city in Vietnam. This Vietnam group tour will take you to Son Tra Peninsula with beautiful natural landscapes and interesting stories about Vietnamese heroes who sacrificed their lives for national independence. You also visit Hoi An ancient town – the most attractive destination in the Middle of Vietnam and enjoy many delicious foods, such as Cao Lau, Quang Noodle, Hoi An bread, chicken rice and so on.

Hoi An ancient town

Ba Na Hill is another well-known destination that this tour takes you to. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city in a wonderful weather, especially you can feel 4 seasons in just one day which is really enchanting and unforgettable. Besides, you’ll visit many other beautiful landscapes such as Ngu Hanh Son, Linh Ung Pagoda, or Vina Old Houses, etc. Let’s enjoy this deluxe tour packages and have more interesting experience in Vietnam with your darlings!

Ba Na Hill

These are some suggesting deluxe group tours in Vietnam. Hope that with these recommendations, you’ll have a wonderful holiday with your family or friends in Vietnam.

Hải Châu

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