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The Latest Canon Digital Camera

the latest canon digital camera
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Tech - Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 01
Tech - Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 01
I got my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi last night! w00t!! Actually, I probably got it during the day, but I didn't go home for lunch, I had to work OT at Inco, and I ate supper at WP while waiting to give Esmond a ride home after he was done. But when I got home, I saw the giant-ass box and I tore into it faster than The Flash on steroids. Unfortunately, it was already so late at night that I just made sure everything was there, charged the battery, and packed it all up. I brought it to work with me so I could take a couple pictures.
IMG 4642
IMG 4642
Pendolino by Coventry canal, Bradley Green (opposite side of Grendon locations) Atherstone, Warwickshire. Canon 400D digital camera. The cloud had set so thought I'd try and photograph a charter train coaching stock train from this side, it never came though! saw later it was running about 4 hours late.

the latest canon digital camera
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