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Drift Helmet Camera

drift helmet camera
    helmet camera
  • A helmet camera, otherwise known as a micro video camera, bullet camera, or lipstick camera, is a camera attached to a helmet allowing someone to make a visual record from their point of view (POV), while keeping their hands and vision free.
  • Move passively, aimlessly, or involuntarily into a certain situation or condition
  • a force that moves something along
  • float: be in motion due to some air or water current; "The leaves were blowing in the wind"; "the boat drifted on the lake"; "The sailboat was adrift on the open sea"; "the shipwrecked boat drifted away from the shore"
  • Be carried slowly by a current of air or water
  • (of a person) Walk slowly, aimlessly, or casually
  • stray: wander from a direct course or at random; "The child strayed from the path and her parents lost sight of her"; "don't drift from the set course"
drift helmet camera - Drift X170
Drift X170 Action Camera
Drift X170 Action Camera
The X170 Action Camera is the newest all-around helmet camera with everything that you need to capture your extreme sports videos and photos! It offers high quality video (720 x 480 pixel), 5 mega pixel photos, a 1.5" color LCD screen for playback, a 5m wireless RF remote control, a 170 degree wide angle lens, which can be rotated through 300 degree, and much more!The X170 is easily mounted onto your head, goggles, helmet, handlebars or just about anything with the wide range of mounts included in the box. Once mounted, the lens can be rotated through 300? into the perfect position to ensure an upright picture. Now that you’re ready to go simply use the wireless remote control to start and stop your videos or to take photos. Alternatively recording can also be started and stopped directly from the camera.Once you’ve captured your on-board video and photos you can easily play them back or view them on the built-in color LCD screen to show your friends or for training purposes. Play it onto a TV with the AV cable or download easily to your computer with the USB cable, both of which are included with the X170.Extremely rugged, fantastic image quality and brilliant value for money! The X170 Action Camera comes highly recommended by the specialists in this field. Great for all types of action sports including skiing, snowboarding, motorsports, mountainbiking, and many more

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Action Cameras - Scotty Mears & Sam Dale - Helmet Cameras 2
Action Cameras - Scotty Mears & Sam Dale - Helmet Cameras 2
DH Mountain Bikers, Sam Dale and Scotty Mears show off their Drift HD170 helmet cameras. Location: Round 1 of the British Downhill Series 2011, Nant Gwrtheyrn
Action Cameras - Steve Peat's Helmet Camera 2
Action Cameras - Steve Peat's Helmet Camera 2
Steve Peat, DH Moutain Biker, shows off his Drift HD170 Stealth from Action Cameras. Location: Round 1 of the British Downhill Series 2011, Nant Gwrtheyrn

drift helmet camera
drift helmet camera
Drift Helmet Mount for HD170 or X170 Video Cameras
The Drift Helmet Mount for HD170/X170 Cameras is a quick-release mounting kit for attaching a Drift HD170 or X170 action cam to a helmet or other curved, smooth surface. | The mount attaches to the helmet surface via industrial-strength adhesive pads and a hook-and-loop fastener. The camera plate attaches to the mount via a quick-release element, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the camera with its plate attached and re-attach it to a Drift Handlebar Mount, for instance. | Note: The Drift HD170 and X170 both come with a Helmet Mount; this is a replacement kit. The Helmet Mount is designed specifically to mount the HD170/X170, but its camera plate's standard 1/4"-20 screw will fit the tripod thread of many other camcorders.

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