Classic Polaroid Camera

classic polaroid camera
    polaroid camera
  • The instant camera is a type of camera that generates a developed film image. The best known use self-developing film and were formerly made by Polaroid Corporation.
  • a camera that develops and produces a positive print within seconds
  • Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind
  • a creation of the highest excellence
  • Remarkably and instructively typical
  • an artist who has created classic works
  • authoritative: of recognized authority or excellence; "the definitive work on Greece"; "classical methods of navigation"
  • (of a garment or design) Of a simple elegant style not greatly subject to changes in fashion
classic polaroid camera - Polaroid One
Polaroid One Instant Camera
Polaroid One Instant Camera
Sold as each. Just point & shoot - no focusing required. Built-in auto flash provides just the right amount of flash for every shot. Flash range: 4 to 10'. Enhanced red eye technology. Never needs batteries. Self-timer. Great shots in any light. Smaller all around. Uses Platinum 600 film (SKU # 93029,93162 & 9022443). Blister pack. Manufacturer's number: 642952. Country of origin: China. Distributed by Polaroid Corp.

The Polaroid One Instant Camera makes it easy to instantly capture those spontaneous moments, share the fun, and enjoy the smiles. It's sleek and compact, so it's easier to take with you. The dual position handstrap lets you easily grip the camera when taking pictures, and lets you securely hold the camera when on the go. You can be in the picture with the new self-timer, and red-eye reduction makes everyone look their best.

76% (13)
Polaroid Land 103
Polaroid Land 103
...I hauled my baby to work with me today because I received some new film for it yesterday. New pack film! Squee! Aaaaaaaaaaaand then I wasted two shots on the walk to work this morning before realizing that I'd taken the battery out of the camera when I last used it! Doh. Update: I bought the WRONG DAMN FILM. WTF was I thinking?!
Canon Q1 Classic Camera
Canon Q1 Classic Camera
Canon QL My dad bought this camera probably in the 70's and handed it down to me 6 months ago (together with all his other prized possession camera's like the Canon AE-1, Polaroid, crazy amount of ef lens and his tough leather camera bag). YAY! Unfortunately, like the AE-1, the Q1 doesn't seem to work. Sigh.

classic polaroid camera
classic polaroid camera
Polaroid OneStep SX-70 White/Rainbow Camera
Alongside the 'prosumer' range of folding SLRs, Polaroid released a large number of plastic bodied, non-folding consumer cameras that used the SX-70 integral film. There were several lines that varied in the type and amount of features they offered, but fall into three distinct categories differentiated by the method of focusing: * Fixed focus - Generally known (in the US) as OneStep models * Zone-focused - Generally known (in the US) as Pronto! models; e.g. Pronto RF * Sonar Autofocus - Labelled as both Pronto! and OneStep models, but usually with an AF or Sonar moniker. All these models use the SX-70 integral film, meaning the camera is powered by a battery built into the film pack. Many of these models were able to use certain accessories designed for the folding SLR line of SX-70 cameras, such as flashbars, electronic flashes and tripod mounts.

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