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Bridge Camera Reviews

bridge camera reviews
    bridge camera
  • Bridge cameras are cameras which fill the niche between the single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) and the Point-and-shoot camera.
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bridge camera reviews - AJA Ki
AJA Ki Pro Mini Ultra-Portable Digital CF Recorder with Apple ProRes 422
AJA Ki Pro Mini Ultra-Portable Digital CF Recorder with Apple ProRes 422
Ki Pro Mini is the smallest and simplest way of connecting production and post, anywhere shooting takes you. With a miniature form factor that makes for the smallest camera and recorder package available, Ki Pro Mini is powerful, supporting all four types of Apple ProRes 422 (including HQ, LT and Proxy). The newest member of the award winning Ki Pro family, Ki Pro Mini simplifies the link between production and post by unobtrusively fitting in small spaces and acquiring on the best codec for use with Apple Final Cut Studio, from any SDI or HDMI camera, regardless of format. With its high quality digital connectivity, you've got the perfect solution for portable on-set digital capture.

82% (18)
How to Identify the People's Films - US Division of Films - Official War Review
How to Identify the People's Films - US Division of Films - Official War Review
How to identify the People's Films THE U.S. Government recognizes the educational value of authentic motion pictures in systematically acquainting the people with the progress and achievements of the United States in the World War. In no other way, indeed, can America's part in the war be so clearly visualized, so faithfully interpreted to all the people, as through the medium of these official films. When we consider that there is now hardly a family in this country but has a boy of its own, or a blood relative, in khaki or blue, we can easily account for the intensely loyal and patriotic interest with which the Government war pictures are welcomed wherever they are shown. This keen interest in the Government's films is only natural, to be sure. Pictures produce an indelible impression. They tell a story which every one can understand. In this case, a story of such vital import to all the people, that the people can not but be deeply interested. The Government war films are signed by the Division of Films, which is a part of the Committee on Public Information. - Over 50,000 War Photographs of different scenes, similar to the above, are available to the public at a nominal cost, through the Bureau of War Photographs, a department of the Committee on Public Information. Address - 6 West 48th Street, New York. - Below we reproduce the Official Seal of the People's Films. This seal is found on every film produced by the Government for the People. It is the Government's trademark, signifying that every foot of film has been "shot" on the spot, by photographers of the U.S. Signal Corps and Navy, appointed specially for this work. THE DIVISION OF FILMS Is the people's Division of Films and these are the people's own films. Productions Up-to-Date Official War Review (weekly) -Pathe "Pershing's Crusaders" -First National Exhibitors "America's Answer" -World Film Corp. "Our Bridge of Ships" -General Film Co. "Under Four Flags" -World Film Corp. - The Bureau of War Photographs is a department of the Division of Films The Division of Films also directs the great War Expositions presented by the U.S. and Allied Governments - Presented by COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC INFORMATION George Creel, Chairman Through the Division of FIlms, Charles S. Hart, Director, Washington, D.C.
obligatory new camera selfie
obligatory new camera selfie
B&W conversion/split-tone in Nik Silver Efex. I just bought this new (to me) V-LUX 1. I wanted to play around with a superzoom/bridge camera, and the now several-years-old FZ50/VLUX had pretty good reviews, with a lot of users saying similar Panny/Leica cameras produced since this one have only gone downhill. Well, I can tell you that as long as you don't look too closely at the pixels, this camera does a pretty good job. Problem is, I tend to look too closely at the pixels :-).

bridge camera reviews
bridge camera reviews
AJA Ki Pro HD Video Recorder, 250GB Capacity - without Drive
Everyone from broadcasters to indie filmmakers can probably agree on one thing: the possible choices for image acquisition are daunting. Different cameras, different formats, different recording media and different compression schemes. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to simplify acquisition so that virtually any camera, digital or analog, could record the same format and resolution? Enter the AJA Ki Pro.The AJA Ki Pro is a tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media. Because it features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI and analog inputs, you can interface with virtually any type of camera you might own or rent. Enjoy monitoring flexibility through Ki Pro's numerous simultaneous outputs, connecting to both professional and consumer monitors.Ki Pro is portable and rugged; designed for real production environments. With the optional exo-skeleton it can sit below your camera-out of the way of your battery adapters, wireless mics and other accessories. Integration with your other production gear is seamless. Ki Pro is intuitive to operate. Alongside the camera, the familiar VTR-like buttons provide immediate controls for basic operation. From a distance, use a web browser via Ethernet or WiFi to control operations from a laptop or iPhone.

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