Welcome to the CoolTeez experience, where shopping for the latest urban streetwear is entertaining and hassle-free. Where does CoolTeez Apparel get its inspiration? It’s simple. We’re all about urban hip hop fashion. Our collection of fine urban and pop culture clothing tells the narratives of street life struggles and triumphs. Whether you favor women’s graphic tees or embroidered headwear for men, our designs and products reflect your culture, pride, and point of view. We design trendsetters. We create statement-makers.


All our designers live and breathe the essence of pop culture mixed with a dash of street life. Concentrating on evergreen gear like hooded sweatshirts for men and ladies long sleeve tees, they’ve been right in the heart of the hip-hop design and style scene for many years. They’ve immersed themselves in the culture and lifestyle – and every piece of clothing they organically conjure captures these United cultures beautifully.

Urban Streetwear Clothing

Urban Streetwear Clothing

Urban Streetwear Clothing

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We strive to create designs and styles that are as varied as possible, so we have something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring hip-hop star, a trendy fashion model, a hardcore fitness buff or simply a cool urban trendsetter, our selection of gear is sure to satisfy your craving for the flyest urban street wear clothing. We design both men’s and women’s gear, so whoever you are; whatever your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered.

Urban Streetwear Clothing

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Urban Streetwear Clothing | Coolteez Apparel - Phone 404-419-6204

Urban Streetwear Clothing | Coolteez Apparel - Phone 404-419-6204

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